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Do you think limited dolls should be rereleased/restocked by their companies?

Jun 23, 2008

  1. yes, I own a limited doll

  2. no, I own a limited doll

  3. yes, I do not own a limited doll

  4. no, I do not own a limited doll

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    1. I saw a debate about this in the french forum. The debate was msotly about the woosoo and breakaway, but here it is open to any limited doll.

      I am interested in your opinion, and if you have a personal experience with limited dolls please tell.

      Personally I think "limited" dolls should neverm be for sale again in their companies, as it makes the dolls loose value. Futhermore it makes it unfait to the people tha but their doll for a lot of money, and see the companie selling it new for half the price.
    2. I'm of two minds about it.

      I'm not very fond of the idea of limited head or 'standard' body type molds; I like having as many options to choose from as possible.

      Limited full sets, however, are a different issue to me. A doll in 'full' form with eyes and wig and outfit and special makeup, I'd say go nuts, make 10 -- make 2! Then never repeat that combination again.
    3. rofl it's funny cause I HAVE a woosoo and a breakaway x_x... and my ethan is limited too. personally I was grateful to luts for re-releasing breakaway because it gave me a chance to get a head for decently cheap, but honestly I was planning to shell out for one anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered... personally I think once a limited doll is sold out, it should remain that way. otherwise what's the point of having it be limited edition if it's not actually limited
    4. Okay, so I'm new to this... but as you can see from my sig, I'd die for Limited Kirill and Ivan from DOD, but alas they are out of stock... I wish I'd never seen them. I wonder if companies aren't going to get more of them in stock, why do they leave their pictures up to tease people who learn about them after they sold out?

      Not sure if that made sense... I'm not good at debating. If I offended anyone or my reason seems "newbish" then I apologize. I am new and I don't really understand it... yet. All I know, is it looks like I will never have Limited Edition Ivan and Kirill (as show in the stock photos-Vamp versions, with their wigs and clothes and faceups) and that is okay. I'm not whining about it. I'll find a new dream doll, even better!!!

      Please bear with me. This is my first time posting in a thread like this here.
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    5. Nope, I definitely think that limited items should -not- be re-released or produced regularly.
    6. I put "no I don"t own a limited" because I don't have any BJD limiteds. I do have a few fashion doll limiteds, three of which I would love to sell so I could buy more BJDs. I think each company should be very clear on what they mean by "limited" and then they should stick with whatever their definition is.
    7. it depends, i belive that limited molds like the yo-sd molds should be restocked i depserately want a kuuta to fit my little character Mogi.

      when it comes to a limited edition set no, thoes are one of a kind to be treasured,like my little Nina (Cherish alley limited v1)
    8. Lizabeth is right with what the definition of limited is, each company has it's own version of what the word means and that you can't really stick the word limited across the board.

      I personally don't care if a company re-releases a limited, just as long as they never said that they weren't going to make any more copies and then did, to me that seems like they were breaking their word. Now I don't think that if a company did re-release limited that it I don't think it would de-value the first run, I would think it would do the opposite and make the first run even more valuable.

    9. So, just so I have you clearly -- it is ok to restock something that you (meaning you, Reizei-chan) personally want, because you want it, but if you already have it, no, it shouldnt be restocked?

      And to answer the topic question, no, I dont think limiteds should be restocked.
    10. Even though I really, really want a white skin Elf Ducan, I don't think he should be released again. That isn't to say I wouldn't buy him in a heartbeat had I they money if they did, but I think it is wrong to do so, as the company is basically saying one thing and doing another.
    11. I think re-releasing a limited doll defeats the entire purpose of it. It wouldn't make the doll that much more special anymore, and probably upset a few people.

      A little while ago I purchased a limited edition PSP that cost around the same amount as some dolls. Just recently did I find out that the same PSP has been re-released in Europe. Needless to say I was not very happy...
    12. I think what Reizei-chan means is that the mold can be reproduced, but not the whole set (with wig, eyes, limited outfit, and etc.). At least, that's what I read it as; I could be wrong. :sweat

      I like limited dolls, I used to own one. But I find myself fitting into the category of 'rerelease the mold but not the limited set.' That is if the limited doll we're talking about is one that has an outfit, face-up, and all that. I guess I like the idea of a basic doll and a limited version. If it's a limited mold, though, that is just as it is (without anything else special), then no. An example of this would be the Nanuri heads (and other prize heads) or the elf versions of some dolls. They were only available for that short time and small amount, then that's it.
    13. If the companies want to restock them, it's their product and their choice. This doesn't seem to be the best hobby for people only interested in collecting. Most companies place emphasis on creation and customization, not exclusivity. Even Volks, who rarely releases anything but limited editions any longer, says that a Super Dollfie is "another yourself." Besides, there's nothing in the words "limited edition" that means they can only release the item once.

      5 out of my 7 dolls are limited editions (my curse for being a Volks fan!) but I couldn't care less whether they were standards or limiteds. I bought them because I like them and I can work with them, not because they're exclusive. In fact, it would have been a lot easier if the first version of my Cristal and my incoming SwD Tae were standards. It was quite stressful acquiring those two, and it's pretty silly to stress over a doll :P.

      Now, if Volks were to ever sell another Cristal made to look exactly like my one-off girl, then I would be upset. I think any other one-off owner would agree. One-offs should stay OOAK.
    14. Re-releasing a limited doll does defeat the purpose of it. I wouldn't want them to do it, however I also hate how the release of limited dolls inflate prices on the secondary market. I don't know how I feel.. I am sticking to regular releases for the moment. I do think that if a sculpt is extremely popular they should probably release them as a regular basic sculpt for their own $$ sake, but without certain special things that come with the orginial limited version to preserve their specialness.
    15. I'd die for the Soom Onyx girls, but alas I won't afford them in time...So I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish Limited Dolls were restocked.

      That said, they wouldn't be limited if they were restocked, would they?
    16. I don't like the straight re-release of limited dolls, a tweaked "renewal" is okay, as there's a subtle but verifiable difference between the old model and the new one...

      But oh well! Resin does age, and it's nice for people who always wanted, for example, a Momoko to be able to have a fresh new Rose/Bianca (same sculpt as Momoko) on the swaricco body.

    17. As I've said before, even though I have a few limited sculpts myself, it doesn't bother me at all when they're re-released.

      I bought these guys because I liked them, not because they were rare or hard-to-find Special Snowflakes. I wouldn't like my own Limited dolls any less if their manufacturers turned around and decided to release a thousand of them. :huh?:
    18. I don't think the same doll with the same make up, mold, styling etc. should ever be rereleased, but the mold with a new face up and whatnot is okay with me.
    19. Exactly. If a company made it clear that the same mold will be sold again in a different limited set, then I find that okay. There shouldn't be anything misleading, though, as that's false advertising.

      In general, my opinion is that it's okay if molds are re-released as long as the fullset is never re-released. If the doll is not a fullset and only a limited mold, however, then they should not be re-released.

      I own a limited Senior Delf Camilla. Honestly, I would love it if she was re-released (though she hasn't even gone out of stock yet after six months, poor girl). I got her because I love the mold; I don't care that she's limited. And she was the same price as the non-limited dolls. However, since Camilla was not sold in a full set, to be fair to everyone, I think she shouldn't be re-released as there are people who are buying her that do care that she's limited and that the value will increase.