Do you travel with your dolls?

Dec 17, 2018

    1. So, the past two years I've had some stressful, life changing stuff happen, and with 2019 quickly approaching, I have it in my head just to pack up and travel to photograph my dolls and maybe meet fellow collectors on my journey.

      So, have any of you actually done this? Or at least thought about it like me?
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    2. I take a doll with me on most trips hubby and I go on. I would say all but the whole family went to Disney World a few months ago and due to how hot it was going to be and fact this was first trip for five year old granddaughter I decided it best to leave doll at home. But for the past ten years I have had at least one doll with me. Hubby doesn't mind and I have taken some great photos. The dolls make me think outside my normal photo views, plus I prefer one of my dolls in photos over me. It would be best to have someone with you as sometimes you can be so distracted you won't know people are approaching you. These are expensive dolls and it's best if you have back up.
    3. Yes! I normally take a doll with me, my sister does too. We brought a few to Canada before, that was cool. Meeting fellow collectors, yes, we have done that too! We started out with local doll meets and we met a few fellow collectors from a Bjd chat room a state away, and have had a few stay at our house. They also have BJD conventions that are pretty neat. There is a nice one in St. Louis, not sure where you live but worth checking out.
    4. When we lived in Indiana, I would take my dolls on the plane with me ti visit family. Which we did every few months for a couple of weeks. It was a little stressful cause I had my (then toddler) daughter with me. And they always had to swab the dolls (I assume because of eye putty). But still, I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I was going somewhere. Though, not ALL of them. A couple of the tinies and maybe one larger doll. :)
    5. I dream of this! with the wave of van-lifers all over youtube, I picture myself selling everything except my dolls and crafting supplies and packing it all in an RV and then traveling around the US taking long walks where I can take dolly and nature pictures. I'd be making dolly clothes and stuff to sell on Etsy to support myself.
    6. Yes! Several different times.

      First time was meeting some people I talked to online, just a short day trip. Another time I was on a family vacation, but in the city where one of my online hobby friends lived, so we met and hung out all day. More than once, I've hosted overnight/week long doll parties at my house, and I have traveled hours away to stay with other doll owners too. I've gone with a friend to a convention 5 hours away.

      It's all been a lot of fun, and if you can afford to do it safely (reliable transportation, enough money to eat enough, somewhere to sleep, a way to stay in contact with someone to be sure you're okay), then I highly recommend it!
    7. I've never done it, but I've thought about it! I'm hoping that one day I'll have time and money enough to take Johnny for a photo jaunt.
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    8. I've never considered hitting the road with just my dolls, though I have definitely considered nomad life in general.

      When I initially read the thread title, I thought that the question was more of a general inquiry about whether people here liked to carry a doll along when they traveled. To that, I can say YES. I have a couple of favored travelling companions, as well as an off-topic doll that enjoys a jet-setting life as a sort of pen pal between a far-away friend and me. We pass her back and forth in lieu of, or even along with, care packages.
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    9. I haven’t yet, but I’ve taken a couple on trips to cons. Most of my dolls are 60cm, so they’re not easy to travel with.