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Do you want to know what happens to the dolls you sell?

May 18, 2011

    1. I am rather new in this hobby and just bought a doll from the market place a while ago. I was reading a thread on another forum and they were talking about what happened to dolls that they had sold. Now I'm curious. When you sell a doll on the market place do you want to know what happens to that doll? Would you want the new owner to send you pics? Do you look for your doll once it is sold?

      Anyone have stories about dolls they have sold?
    2. When I sell a doll, it no longer belongs to me and I don't care what happens to it, but I hope the new owner will have fun with it.
    3. I never activly seek out photos. It's nice to stumble across a thread and find the owner is enjoying it far more than I was able to, though!
    4. I like to know if the doll went to a happy home and the new owner is enjoying it. It makes me sad if the new owner doesn't seem to be enjoying the doll. :(
    5. I don't really care one way or the other. :sweat When I sell a doll I view it as a business transaction - not an adoption. The owner can do whatever they want with the doll and I really don't mind one way or another, just as when I sell an old car I don't expect the new buyer to send me updated pictures of it or anything silly like that. Sure, it's nice to see them around elsewhere sometimes, but it doesn't mean much to me and I don't keep a watch on the buyer to see how the doll is doing or anything.
    6. I like knowing what the new owner does with it :) (how he/she style it) most of the persons I've sold dolls too never post pictures of them here though :(
      but I mostly want to know if the doll makes it to them! that's the most important! I got so scared once when I thought my ex-Soom Afi got lost in the mail! because once, the lady at the post office told me that the parcels and letters who never reach gets destroyed! I was like: NOOOOOOOOO I don't want such an adorable (and kinda rare) doll to die!!!
    7. I don't hunt for the doll to see what's been done with it, but if I DO see it, I enjoy seeing how it's changed. Of course...so far I've only given away a doll, to my sister, so I get to help her plan everything with it...and sold a doll body.
    8. Well, I guess it would be nice to see how thw new owner has styled the doll and what the new character is like, but I dont go out searching for that information. Like someone else said, it is a business transaction.

      If I come to a point of actually wanting to sell one of my dolls, I am very sure I wont regret it. I will have lost any emotional connection to the doll and it will only be an "item" in my eyes.

      Hope that made sense...
    9. I am going to be unselfconsciously honest here: YES!

      I have sold 2 dolls. Not because I didnt like them anymore but because they didnt fit in with the characters I set out for them or the collection as a whole. I still loved them! But I knew it was time for them to be properly enjoyed.

      So yes, it's sentimental and silly but I definitely like seeing the rehomed dolls being enjoyed by their new owners.

      I wouldnt bother the new owner or ask for pictures though, because I knew that would be awkward and nosey, lol...
    10. I don't care what happens to the dolls I sell, because they don't belong to me. Once that doll reaches the other owner's hands and all is well, I don't think about it anymore. I stumbled across a head I sold on the marketplace. It was a weird feeling, seeing it for sale again. Obviously, it didn't work out for the new owner either and it made me sad that the doll was being circulated around. I hope she finds someone that loves her eventually.
    11. It's not something I would go out of my way to find out -- once I've decided to sell them, I'm really done with them and the emotional attachment is gone. That said, I do think it could be interesting to see what the new owner decided to do with them -- especially if it was a doll that really had me stumped, lol.
    12. I like to see pictures from the people I've sold all my past dolls to, but I know that in the end, I've sold the doll so it's definitely, 100% not mine anymore, and I have no real say in what goes on with it. I'm always happy to see a doll and say, "Oh, I remember him/her! That was -name-!" But it's not really my business after the doll belongs to someone else. ^^; I don't even mind if they sell it on again later, personally!
    13. I didn't expect people to have an attachment to the doll they sold. At least I hope you wouldn't have to sell a doll you were attached to:( I was just wondering if people were curious about what happens to the doll :) I was also wondering if it would be weird to send the old owner a pic. I don't have much money to do anything with him at the moment but I have big plans LOL.

      I am too new to even think about it but in the future I think if I sold a doll I would want to know what the new owner did with it. I wouldn't be upset about it or sad if they did something I didn't like, just curious. =D Thank all of you for your answers.
    14. I don't think it is silly at all. I think I would want the same thing. =D
    15. I like to know how many owners the doll has had before me and what modifications it has gone through before it got to me.
      By that same token, I like to pass that information on to the next person to own one of my dolls.
      While I won't actively keep track of the dolls once they have been purchased from me, I wouldn't mind being updated.
      If someone wants to know how a doll they sold me is doing I don't mind sharing.
    16. I've never sold a doll, but a couple of ones I've bought second hand I've shared a photo or two with the previous owners and they were delighted and happy I was having such fun with the doll.:)
    17. As I haven't sold any bjd's, the dolls I have sold (vintage mostly), I didn't really think of them again! Other than wondering if the people had recieved them (before feedback being left, etc) and just generally hoping that they like the item they recieved. BUT as a purchaser....there have been dolls I have purchased on ebay and later have found photos on flickr (one place for example) and have contacted that person to tell them if they were interested in seeing photos of the doll they could see them in my stream. I've only had positive reactions from doing this, so far at least!
      So I'll pose this question, How do you as sellers feel about being contacted by the buyers about photos or general info about the doll in their new home? Of course I mean nothing creepy or stalkerish. Maybe more of a one time "hey, here's him/her, love her, you can find photos here...." type of thing.
    18. I also don't go out of the way to find out what happens after a doll is sold. I have, however, seen one return to the marketplace, and was faintly disappointed that the new owner had also been unable to 'bond' with the doll.

      I would find it very uncomfortable if I got a pm from a former owner, asking to see what I've done with the doll.
    19. I don't go looking for pictures of the dolls I have sold but like a lot of people if you happen to see the dolls around it is a nice treat. I do however like to know the dolls I sale get to the new owner safely and all. I have one doll I hope if its ever put up on the sale page again I would like to buy it back but that is a pipe dream LOL regreats and all.
    20. After I've sold a doll, I feel that what happens to it is no longer my business. I tend not to keep tabs on it after it's been delivered safely to its new home. Still, I don't mind if the buyer pops up with some photos and shows me of the doll's new life--that would be kind of fun and interesting, but so far, it's never happened...and I can only speculate that the dolls are doing well in their new home.

      I have seen one doll I've sold pop up for sale on another forum, but that's because the person I sold him to is leaving the doll hobby behind...

      I wouldn't think it was creepy if a doll's former owner contacted me to inquire about how the doll is doing. A bit odd and quirky, but not creepy. I'd be happy to humor the person with some dolly photo spam.