Do you wear gloves when handling your dolls?

Apr 4, 2018

    1. My friend always wears cotton gloves when handling her dolls but I haven't really found any cotton gloves so I just wash my hands and dry them before handling dolls XD
    2. I wear cotton gloves when I’m working on a faceup or doing something that involves touching my doll’s face, such as changing eyes or styling the bangs of a wig. Most of the time I just make sure my hands are clean and only handle covered areas, but if I know I’m going to be adjusting her head a lot in a photoshoot or something like that I’ll keep the gloves handy.
    3. I dont use gloves, but I wouldn't even think of touching my dolls unless I have just thourally washed my hands, and I do all i can to avoid touching the faces even then.
    4. I only wear gloves when doing face up and body blushing work. Other than that, I'm hands on but not rough!!!
    5. I have eczema and psoriasis so I understand some of your concern, but I do not wear gloves to handle my dolls. I do not have my condition on my hands, but eczema is itchy so I scratch a lot and get the 'grime' on my hands sometimes. I just use a 'eczema skin' soap when I feel my hands are dirty and wish to handle my dolls. There have been times that I refrain from touching my dolls when I have a flare though. I also use a microfiber cloth and water to clean the skin of my dolls every once and awhile so they stay clean otherwise as well.
    6. Vinyl gloves when doing faceups, cotton gloves when at a con and in a costume that includes said gloves, otherwise, I just wash my hands. My clean hands aren't going to do significant damage to them, and I'm not interested in their "resale value" anyway. I bought them to enjoy, not to sell.
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    7. If you can not touch your doll why have it.
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    8. I don't wear gloves when handling my doll because like others have said, I like feeling him! I like knowing he has texture and his smooth resin is very nice! I hate to admit it, but I don't wash my hands every time I handle him. I only wash when I have makeup, just ate, etc. But I really am a touchy feely person.
    9. I'm another person who normally just washes my hands well before handling them and avoid touching their faces. I do wear rubber or laytex gloves while doing face-ups, partially to keep the sealant off my skin.
    10. I wear cotton gloves when doing faceups/whatever because skin oils can affect sealant - which I have had happen on accident anyway. My hands are probably particularly oily. My skin isn't my friend, so that doesn't shock me much.

      When just handling them... no. I don't wash my hands beforehand either, really. I don't mind touching all over their faces because I do my own faceups - it's not like I'm risking a $30-100 investment - and sealant works freakishly well in my experience.

      Obviously if I were handling someone else's doll I'd respect their wishes, but for my own, meh. I love the tactile experience of handling them and if I had to go through a huge ritual every time I did that, I never would.
    11. I don’t use gloves. I just make sure that my hands are nice and clean.
    12. I usually wear white cotton ones when customising my dolls and they are cheap to pick up at my local chemist
    13. I don't wear gloves when handling my dolls except when spraying sealant or washing their faceups with thinner. I always wash my hands with soap before giving them faceups or playing with them. I can't feel very well with gloves on so I'm really afraid of dropping them if I'm not careful since I only have plastic gloves right now and they feel really slippery.

      I'm rather inclined to get a pair of thin cotton gloves for handling my dolls so I don't have to wash my hands so often. It makes my hands feel really dry and obviously can't put any hand cream if I wanna touch my dollies. I've tried latex gloves before and I really dislike it. It just feels so uncomfortable and stinks so bad to me lol
    14. I don't wear gloves because I want to touch things.

      To the various people above that mentioned using magic eraser for cleaning -- it's an abrasive, basically very fine sandpaper.
      It isn't for general cleaning, try using water and a little drop of detergent instead.
    15. I wear them only when I'm doing face up, but I always wash my hands before touching the dolls.
    16. I wear gloves when handling dolls more than 10 years old. I like white cotton gloves best. Fabric gloves are also good. However, sometimes they get in the way of adjusting the wig, so I take them off. I try not to handle the old dolls too much. They are usually kept in their boxes. The new dolls are handled without gloves. They go outside for photo sessions, get to travel with me and they are displayed with frequent change of wigs and clothes.
    17. As a newbie collector this interested me very much. I wear cotton compression gloves as I have fibromyalgia and Arthritis in my hands but they are fingerless. I tend to handle my lovelies to change outfit but at moment I am at the awed cannot stop staring at them stage
    18. I don't think I ever wear gloves when handling them, but I do always wear one on my left hand (the hand holding the head) when doing faceups, sometimes also when I'm restringing a doll simply because I've usually just done a proper cleaning of it and I tend to string dolls too tight, which means my hands end up sweating a bit, so... :sweat Otherwise I only make sure to wash my hands before touching them.
    19. I wear cotton gloves if I'm doing something with the head, but it I'm just posing or dressing my dolls I just wash my hands.
    20. Like most, I wash my hands first and dry them well.

      I figure it's like book conservation: if I'm gloved, I can't feel the fine feedback I may need in order to keep everything working properly.
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