Do you wear gloves when handling your dolls?

Apr 4, 2018

    1. I don’t wear gloves, even when doing the rare faceup (maybe I should then...), and I also seem to be in the minority of collectors who don’t wash their hands. I feel like, for me, having to prepare in order to play with my dolls would take away a lot of the fun. I touch their faces a lot, too, which I didn’t even realize was unusual until reading this thread. I also don’t have any dolls that cost more than $600 (‘cause I want to play, not display :cheer).
    2. I have some cotton gloves that I use sometimes, but usually don't wear them. I do wash my hands before I touch my dolls.
    3. I never wear gloves when I play them LOL, especially bring them out for photo, for me it look wired. But I will use magic sponge do a light clean when I finish playing to prevent any oil leave on their skin.
    4. I wash my hands before handling my dolls. ^^ I don't really use gloves but I've been meaning to get some white cotton ones, but I don't think I'd use them a lot.
    5. I thought about getting gloves before my babies arrived, but the shipping notice came so suddenly I just couldn't wait. One of mine has really intense paint I dont wanna mess up so I'll probably wash my hands at least before I handle her.

      I may invest in some for doing faceups in the future, but I'm paranoid about the gloves somehow leaving fibers everywhere :o
    6. I've had cheap cotton gloves leave fibers in my sealant. :doh Hence why I don't use them! Hands are also easier to wash than gloves, and I'm nervous about spreading specks of loose pigment around with gloved fingers.

      Vinyl or nitrile get around both of those problems: they don't shed and they're disposable. I still use bare hands. >.>
    7. No, I dont use gloves. But I have COA from Artist and He insists to wear gloves)) but I still dont use)) I touch it by hand)
    8. I did at first, but once I got over my skittishness as a new doll owner it was easier handling them with my bare hands. It's also trickier to dress them with gloves on since it's harder to feel clasps and buttons through the material, so I didn't want to risk causing damage from a dressing mishap.
    9. I only wear gloves when I perform faceups on them so they wont get pastel smudges all over their faces. I also wear gloves when I detach the head from the body. The rest are just a matter of clean dry hands, and gentle touch. :3nodding:
    10. Nope! I probably should be a bit more careful with touching my dolls, but it would be impossible for me to only touch them wearing gloves because I like bringing them to work with me so one can sit on my desk throughout the day.

      Luckily, none of mine have intense body blushing so I don't have to worry about that rubbing off. I do try to make sure I hold them where clothes cover their skin and not touch their resin TOO much....but I must admit, I love the feeling of smooth resin....(and the smell)
    11. I don’t, but I do usually pick them up and move them where their clothes cover them. I fear that if I start wearing gloves, I won’t bother to touch them at all.

      I do have a lot of vinyl dolls with stains that will not come out. But after getting my first stain on my resin girl and sanding it off in 10 seconds, I’ve really started to worry less.
    12. I wash my hands before touching my dolls. I don't like wearing gloves when I'm playing with my dolls because to me they are still art pieces but I would not enjoy them as much if I felt like I couldn't touch them whenever I wanted to and had to wear gloves to do so.
    13. Don't do that. Magic eraser isn't a cleaner, it's basically fine sandpaper. It will eat any faceup off, and will eventually erode detail from the resin itself.

      If you just want to clean use a soft cloth and water, perhaps with a tiny smidge of detergent.
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    14. Nope. I feel like if I’m too afraid to touch them at all there’s no point in owning them.
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    15. AGREED:thumbup
    16. Don't use gloves, don't wash my hands as a rule. I do try not to touch their faces or other exposed areas that are blushed, but I'm not obsessive about it.
      And of course I do wash my hands regularly throughout the day - I wouldn't touch my dolls with greasy or dirty hands - but then again, I wouldn't touch *anything* in my room with greasy or dirty hands.
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    17. If my hands are dirty, I will wash my hands before touching my dolls, instead of wearing gloves.
    18. I always wash my hands before I touch them. (But no gloves)
      But man... was I upset when one of my friend touch my dolls with his greasy hands after eating potato chips...I yelled at him to wash his *beep* dirty hands or i'll chop them off.
    19. I tend not to wear gloves when handling my dolls, but I also try not to touch their faces/bare bodies too much in hopes the oils on my fingers won't get everywhere and I always make sure my hands are clean beforehand! If the eyes are a bit dusty or have hair in them, I tend to use a cotton swab rather than getting it with my fingers and when I applied eyelashes to one of my boys I used the end of a pin to get it in place whilst holding the clothed body.
    20. No not generally. Only when I do a face-up or blushing.