Do you wear gloves when handling your dolls?

Apr 4, 2018

    1. I have cotton gloves and I probably should use them more than I do... Mostly I do not use gloves.
    2. I wash my hands very hard before handling it everytime. I just don't touch my doll's face.
    3. I'm a monster of an owner and I'll take my dolls with my bare, dirty hands. My only real worry is to avoid touching them after handling something greasy, but even that I forget sometimes.
      At the same time, save the dolls themselvez, there's nothing expensive to ruin. I do all faceups myself (and I redo them every few months anyway because I get bored) and their clothes are handmade and of not great quality so far because I'm still figuring things out.
    4. I usually don't wear gloves while handling my dolls. I wash my hands often and avoid touching their faces, though.
    5. No. I wash my hands and am careful around the face but these dolls are expensive but I bought mine to enjoy them so that’s what I intend to do.
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    6. No I don't, but I do wash my hands thoroughly with a low fat soap before I touch my dolls to avoid the stains.
    7. I don't. Although I understand owners who prefer to wear gloves while handling their dolls.
      My first doll came home around 13 years ago. I can say that most important part of doll handling is to avoid the sun light.
      The doll will become yellow anyway, even if you keep it in complete darkness. But keeping them away from the sun helps to prevent spots on their skin.
      Spots caused by sun light may be very ugly. I once purchased the doll which was probably sitting in the sun light at previous owners home, and in a month or two this doll got covered up with orange spots on the right side of it's face. That was weird enough, so I replaced the head itself with a new one of the same mold.
      Beside that I like to blush dolls - not only the face, but the body aswell. It helps to protect them from dirt and finger prints, and once in a few years I just have to renew the blushing.
      So I just didn't notice any need to use gloves so far.
    8. Nah. I use gloves for two purposes and both are for my hands' sake more than the dolls'. I wear vinyl gloves while spraying sealant, and one of those cheap stretch gloves they sell in winter time when restringing (I pull the elastic with wire that otherwise can cut my hands). Otherwise, bare hands all the way.

      I enjoy my dolls by playing with them. If I eat something greasy I'll wash but I do that regardless of dolls. But I like to have them around me and take them out, even the expensive ones. That's just how I enjoy them :) (nothing against people who do wear gloves, obviously).
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    9. No, I just scrub my hands with soap before I touch them. If I had a really expensive doll I'd probably do something different.
    10. I don't wear gloves when handling my dolls, but I always wash my hands before taking them and avoid touching faces. I like feeling the structure of the material, it would be impossible with the gloves on.
    11. Same here!
    12. Nope... just clean hands. Unless I’m doing a faceup, then cotton gloves for sure.
    13. No gloves for me. I make sure I have clean hands (if they're dirty or gunky, I wash them first), but putting on hand condoms before touching my doll seems a bit extreme.

      Then again, my doll cost less than $100. If I had a $500+ doll, I might want to be more careful with her. But I wouldn't frankly want a doll that I thought was too expensive to touch. YMMV.
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    14. Nope, I do not. I usually wash my hands, that's true, but I don't wear gloves (I don't even own gloves other than winter's gloves xD).
      When I started I was more afraid of touching them without being perfectly clean but nowadays I'm not afraid to hold them by their clothing even if I haven't washed thoroughly (provided I am not stained or oily or any of that).
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    15. I don't, but I don't touch him if my hands are dirty. I realize there's still gonna be some skin oil whether or not my hands are clean, and that that isn't ideal, but I'm kinda one of those "If I treat my dolls like they're made of glass, I'll never bond with them" types of collectors.
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    16. Yes! In winter occasionally not, but the climate here in summer is so bad that I'm petrified of sweating on them lol ... the gloves are mostly for my peace of mind, and I feel comfortable handling my dolls more regularly when I use them!
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    17. I use cotton gloves that I decided to bought as I saw that even I washed my hands with soap, my dolls get more dirty by touching them by hands (due to the skin oil in hands) in the specific process of change their clothes or things like that .
      So I use gloves when I change their clothes and I use only bare hands when I play with them .
      So I use both things depending how they way I have to handle them.
    18. I don’t wear gloves, but I always keep dolls in clothes that covers their body as much as possible. I hope this protects them from the light, or if someone else wants to take them.
    19. Nope, no gloves for me!

      I'm not a faceup artist, and my hands are pretty dry naturally, so I don't feel the need to wear gloves under normal circumstances. If I'm doing something like magic erasing them, I wear latex gloves, but otherwise, I just handle them with clean hands.

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    20. No, I just make sure to wash my hands before I handle her. If I were to do faceups I'd use gloves though.