Do your dolls Cosplay?

Mar 24, 2020

    1. I was thinking about making Danny Phantom cosplays for my boy dolls when they arrive, and it got me thinking.

      Do your dolls cosplay? What I mean is, your characters dressing up as a character they/you like? Or do you just buy dolls to directly represent the characters you’re a fan of?
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    2. I have some dolls of characters I like. I also have some that represent my characters but can cosplay too.
    3. I just typically just buy dolls to be the characters I am a fan of in most cases. Though I have a few nerdy dolls that I plan to make cosplay outfits for.
    4. Like the commenters before me, I own dolls based on characters I like. Mostly from Japanese video games, and anime but I also like forcing them into cosplaying other characters just for fun. Mostly because I can't own all the characters I would love to own in BJD form (I prefer other types of dolls/figures more), and it's easier for me to just make cosplay outfits, despite sucking at sewing. Here's one of my dolls cosplaying as the Bogeyman from SHH (based on my favorite SH monster of all time Red/Pyramid Thing/Head). Also my favorite villain from MGS, Psycho Mantis. (:
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    5. I'm going to make Silmarillion character cosplay - Melkor. I guess it would be pretty hard but what else to do while quarantine.
    6. My dolls will cosplay. My two yosd girls have Minnie mouse cosplay outfits and I have several different ones in a list that I plan to make for my other dolls. I have a LOT of cosplays. Jaxie my switch boy hybrid's character wants to be a hairstylist and loves doing cosplays with his cousin and boyfriend. And then there's just cosplays that I think would be fun to make and have the dolls wear.

      I don't have any plans to outright get characters right now but if I did I'd probably shell the boys from hitorijime my hero (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH) and the two couples from waotaku in koi wa muzukashii. But right now, I just have cosplays of them on my list. :)
    7. My dolls have all their own character (are all characters from my own stories, so to say). I am not the type collector to create my own doll as character which I like....since....first of all, there are too much of them, I will not know where (or with whom) to start. Second......if I start with this, it will never take an end, that's not good XDDDDDDDD

      The only one I would really really like to let her cosplay is Hikaru (my Volks Cristal) as Lady Oscar....there are several people who already do this but I still want my own version since that's the reason why I had to have Cristal XD
      Buuuuut I hadn't really have time and muse to improve this project now....too many doll projects hahaha.

      If there are any other of my dolls who I would like to let them cosplay.....not at this moment, maybe when I have a good idea, hmmmm!!
    8. I dream of making a doll cosplay of Hyakkimaru from Dororo who is essentially is a ball jointed doll other than his core!
      I've made the dragon form of Haku from Spirited Away so I daydream about maybe one day having a Chihiro to go with him.
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    9. @bahboh me too, Hyakki is the perfect character to have a doll match of. Just... I would want to figure out how to make his arms... swords.
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    10. Yes! I like to both dress up my dolls in cosplay costumes, and have dolls based on or inspired by my favorite characters. I am also a cosplayer, so for me it's an excuse to build more costumes. :lol:

      Most of the people who commission me for sewing want cosplay costumes for their own dolls; doll cosplay is pretty popular in the hobby. It's been popular since the early 2000s... there are quite a few officially licensed LE character dolls from anime/manga series like Chobits, Rozen Maiden, Black Butler, Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Vocaloid, etc.
    11. I'm old school and call it costuming rather than cosplay, but since it's basically the same activity under a different name (despite arguments from both sides of the Costuming V Cosplay devide) yes. I've been entering costumes in competitions at conventions since 1987, it's way too ingrained an activity not to make costumes for my dolls as well.

    12. My dolls have their own characters but some of them do cosplay!

      Stan cosplays as Super Craig and Princess Kenny from South Park, Cian cosplays as Wonder Tweek. I would like for Cian to also cosplay as Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Marley as Storm from X-Men but I haven’t made outfits yet.
    13. If you were really, REALLY old-school, you'd be calling it a Court Masque, stan Inigo Jones & Ben Jonson, be drunk on wine for the entirety of the Masque, and only wear/make costumes that cost the equivalent of the annual wages of thirty to three hundred working peasants! :lol:

      (I wrote a research paper on the topic, a few years back.)

      for those interested in the evolution of the practice:
      Mummering > Court Masque / Masque > Masquerade > Fancy Dress > Costuming > Cosplay
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    14. {laugh!} I'm old but not that old.

      It was "costuming" when I first started going to SF conventions, and running costume conventions, so that's the terms I think in.
      This is me back on those days : Me in my Nightcrawler costume around 1992

      My dolls mostly end up with historical and fantsy costumes however.

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    15. Yes. He is an anime character. I mean he will be one, If I start to costumize him one day:sweat
    16. Mine weren't going to be, but now they are. Whoops. Thanks, Critical Role.
    17. My dolls have their own characters but I do want to customize them to an existent character that I like, someday.
    18. I don't buy dolls based on characters but I do enjoy making costumes for my dolls based on my favorite show at the time
    19. Joker and Harley's last Halloween costumes could have been considered cosplay I guess, they were Georgie and Pennywise. I can't ever do it again though. I used Harley's extra head and gave her a Pennywise faceup, and I've recently wiped it. Gone forever lol!
      But other than occasionally dressing them up for Halloween, they don't cosplay. They just are.
    20. Kinda-sorta ... here's Alice, Claire and Nicholai from the Resident Evil movies. If you can guess which one's which, I've done a good job. :P

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