Do your dolls have children?

Feb 18, 2020

    1. I’m not super deep into the story/character aspect of BJD, I have a preference towards physical customization, but I just find the idea of a doll family super cute! I’ve been looking for dolls that wouldn’t look wildly out of proportion that can work as toddlers/children to SD dolls. Does anyone have suggestions or examples from their own doll families?
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    2. What i found in a similar search 50-58cm works well for teenagers to a 70-72cm dolls. it really all depends on the doll's sculpt/body and the age you are looking for. 1/4 size dolls with the right looks could be toddlers. Its a tricky thing but with enough effort and asking everyone for photo size comparisons :P It will work out pretty well. I know a few companies are starting to release chubbyish 1/4 size dolls at around 40 cm.
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    3. Hello! I have a little BJD family, that is 2/3rds complete! I'm using a Yo-SD as my little one, but around age 7 he’ll become MSD.

      I personally work off real world measurements for heights and convert then into 1/3rd scale/vice versa (so my 27cm boy would be 81cm irl and my 60cm girl is 180irl)
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    4. I use yosd as children 6 and younger for my SD, and I have a 1/8 as a baby for one of my 60cm girls, though I want to reshell her baby as a yosd one day. Island Doll Bru's body is perfect for a baby for larger dolls (70cm or so) but the head is out of proportion so a different yosd hybrid would make it look better. My msd are supposed to be around 13 though in size comparison to many of my SD they're half their size so I don't photograph them together often.
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    5. Some of mine do. I don't previously own any child dolls ( YO-SD) but I do have some teenagers and may end up shelling a dad or two.
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    6. My incoming two are father and son!

      I ordered Great Mentor Hui(68cm) from Ringdoll. He'll be the golden-eyed, silver haired war veteran who adopted a child he found.

      Doll Chateau's Noah(45cm) (with Sharon's head) is that child. He's a blue fawn, so his deer body will be blue with white spots. He himself will
      Have silver hair as well.
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    7. Super cool!! I have incoming Ringdoll Wo Long and I’ve been wanting to find him a daughter. I’m searching and keeping an eye out for anyone from 23~46 cm that I think fits. Looking forward to your father and son pair ;D

      @Christina_Xx Good luck on the dad search if you do end up shelling one! (or two haha)

      @Cap'n Hybrids are a good idea, I’ll definitely check those out, thanks!

      @EmortalFreak I wouldn’t have thought to convert scales, but if I had a specific size in mind that’s really smart! Excited for the last third of your family ^*^

      @Pooki Good call on the 1/4 scales! I’ve been eyeballing Loongsoul in particular because I’m in love with the child sized sculpts, if only I had better measurements to work with *_*
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    8. Thank you so much and best of luck
      on your doll families❤️.
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    9. The central players of my doll crew are a nuclear family. ^_^ Even though I'm aiming to shell out my couple's fraternal twins as SDs and taller, the female twin has an MSD form because she appears as a child spirit in one storyline. Just to give a gist of the size differences, I've included a photo below. I did not include their other kid in the photo because he's shelled as a large LoongSoul and wouldn't be a good reference.

      Left: Granado Michael on IMPLdoll Idolman FGB (70cm-ish)
      Center: Iplehouse Scarlet on IMPLdoll Starwoman MGB (65cm)
      Right: Iplehouse JID Violet (43cm)

      02 - Father Mother Daughter
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    10. Thanks a bunch for the size reference! They’re a lovely family <3
    11. None of my dolls have children. Even though all my dolls are old enough to have kids, I prefer no kids. I like keeping my girls as teenagers and early 20s.
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    12. I have an Iplehouse SID (Barahan sculpt) who has a pair of BID twins (boy and girl Byuri sculpt), and the proportions are perfect for an adult with a couple of five or six year-olds. I think it's easiest if you work within one company, because they are designed to go well together - everything from the build of the body to the size of the head.
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    13. I wish it were that easy~ It’s Ringdoll I’m working with and I still need to ask them about head measurements. If it weren’t for the wait times and lack of options, I’d love to go for another Ringdoll. I hope they come out with more tiny and 20cm sculpts ^*^. Not a fan of the current teen lineup either. As it is, I’m having fun in the search. I have a feeling this is going to be a long term quest until I see “the one.” I’ll be lucky if it’s RD again ;D
    14. Not yet but I plan to in the future, my SD girls are between 53-57cm (currently lol) I'm planning to get an MSD as a teenager I'm not sure what exact age yet I'm going to wait until I can see them together to gage what the age would be best, I'm hoping a little bit older maybe around 15, I'm hoping yo get both sculpts from Black Cherry :) this thread has been super helpful I've been a bit.worried about proportions looking a off. Good luck on your search, researching and looking into dolls is a lot of fun in it's self :) .
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    15. None of mine do... unless you count Thranduil & Legolas, but they’re obviously not my characters!
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    16. Nearly all of my dolls are children, but in terms of sizes that work well together as adult/toddler combinations, My SD-sized Elfdoll girl (eldest of my BJD siblings) works well with both Littefee (Yo-SD size) and Petite Ai (a tad bigger than Yo-SD)

      Here she is with a LittleFee on her lap:

      For older children DollsTown 5Year and 7Year are good sizes with SD sized adults

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    17. Yup! Yasuo and Kohei (Soom York & 5th Motif Venitu) have Mutsuki (Feeple Cygne) and Akira and Kentarou (my friend's Ramcube Gaz & my Mbluedoll Laaon) have Naoya (Mbluedoll XiHyeon). (Naoya and Mutsuki are also best friends who grew up together :P ) That being said, Haru and Yukki (mbluedoll Taeee & Switch Seolrok somnia) are also slated to have a child eventually, in their story, but not in doll form as it doesn't match the timeline of the rest of the characters' doll forms.

      The reason it works is because the "kids" are not too young. Mutsuki is 19 and Naoya is 17, their parents being in their 40s. I've also chosen relatively small SDs 50-60cm so that they still look ot fully developed next to the rest of the giants.. 65-78cm xD
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    18. My Venitu Carol has a Dollshe Rosa (Tonya) as his child. I don't know the exact age of the kid even in my story yet, Dollshe sells her as a 6yo but although I have probably never seen a 6yo kid in my short adult age (at least knowing their age) and I can only google, I do have a feeling she is more like a 3 to 4 year old, at least in proportion with 70 cm dolls. She is chubby like a toddler too. But she has the most child-like features I have seen, including the chubby body, and there is no mistaking her as a MSD adult. My doll family is quite weird in proportions, as the mother and father are about 10 cm apart. I don't have a picture of them yet, as the little girl is still waiting for her eyes I ordered a few weeks ago, and I also need to sew some clothes for her. I'm dreaming of getting the Robin from Dollshe also one day, maybe as another dolls' child so she could have a friend.
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    19. Not currently but sort of.

      I’ve currently got plans for a family. Mom, dad, teen son and foster daughter/niece. (She’s technically mom’s niece, but they are raising her as their own. She will be the next doll I bring home.)

      My first doll has a teen son and preschool daughter, but only the dad is currently shelled.
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    20. Most of my couple dolls do. My adults tend to be 58 to 67 cm, SD size, and the children range from
      msd to tiny to really tiny. Lots of offspring! Since people come in so many sizes and types, mine are
      put together as families. Differences in type are just explained as the genetic lottery.
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