Do your dolls reflect your own ideals of beauty?

May 11, 2009

    1. I was just looking at my dolls and thinking that I think they are both very attractive and beautiful. I created them as such - with beautiful eyes, perfect brows, amazing color. They are, by my own accounts, projections of my ideals of beauty. They don't look like supermodels, they don't look like makeup ads, but they look real and their faces reflect their personality, and I consider them objects of high beauty. I wonder if other people create their dolls to be a sort of projection of their ideal of beauty. If someone has a purple haired, tattooed, scarred doll with 2 different color eyes and 10 piercings, is that one of their ideals of beauty? (it's one of my ideals of beauty :) It just doesn't fit any of my characters) What about your own dolls? Do their looks directly mirror their characters or are they some statement about your own ideals of beauty? Both? Neither? Share your thoughts please!

      To add a dimension to this: Here is a scenario. You have had a character in your head for years now and you finally decide to make him into a doll. However, this character is someone you find immensely unattractive. So if you were to make him into a doll, you'd look at him each day and say "Eh. He's kinda ugly." but he'd still be that character you'd been thinking of and evolving for years. Would you still want to own him as a doll if you find him technically unattractive, or would he become attractive because he is such a dear character to you? Would you even want to own him if you found him (and in turn, his doll) unattractive? My answer for this scenario is yes. Even if I found him different than my own ideals of beauty, I would still enjoy having the dollified version of him around as I was adding to his character, but it would probably be a little harder to appreciate him because he wasn't really my ideal of beauty. In that case, I'd be more likely to get rid of the doll sooner even if I was attached to his character. For me, it'd be difficult to really love and appreciate a doll that I didn't find beautiful.
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    2. Yes, actualy :) So far i only have 1 BJD made after a character my friend made, who is gorgeous and one of my ideas of beauty :aheartbea My boy reflects his character so well, and is absolutely lovely~

      I plan to get more dolls and make them into my characters (who are beautiful in my eyes >w< ) I'd love to get dolls of my 2 newest characters who ar identical twins..They have blue hair, lime green eyes and kinda have the emo/scene style going on. I have other characters with marks under their eyes and strange colored hair XD; i think they're lovely as well~

      So yes, my dolls do and will reflect my idea of beauty~ :D

    3. Mmmm...sort of. Part of it is that that's just the characters' personalities coming through (like the one boy I have who is at last shutting up inside my head becasue I'm finally, *finally* getting him something close to the proper kind of frilly shirt to suit his melodramatic goth-boy needs), but a big part of it is that I just find the looks my guys have really attractive. I have a collection of various misfits who are pretty much variations on a theme of goth and punk guys/girls. Lots of dramatic makeup and loads of piercings and tattoos and long haired boys with unnaturally coloured hair (even if that colour is just black) and weird eyes. Most of my guys have fairly normal natural hair colours, but only one of them currently has hair in his natural colour. Those are things I find beautiful, so those are what I surround myself with. I don't get to see much of this kind of beauty IRL, but I do get to enjoy it in miniature with my dolls. There are not nearly enough real men in makeup and leather where I live. Unless, of course, Marilyn Manson is in town. XD
    4. I don't have a bjd yet but yes I would say I'm attracted to the ones that reflect what I think is beautiful :) eg, full lips/big eyes/somewhat youthful
    5. Yes, sure..! I see a lot of different kinds of gorgeous here. I can appreciate a lot of different types, but the dolls I own are the ones I think of as the *right* kind of beauty for me, which must have a certain amount of ugly!

    6. It's actually hard for me to say. I'm still waiting on my first BJD but I have lots of original characters and have been combing over all kinds of sites seeing what dolls would best suit them for when it comes time to make their character into a doll. I know that I've made characters that if I met face to face, I wouldn't find attractive. Likewise I've seen some dolls that I like, not because I find them attractive or beautiful, but because they look like who I'd want them to be. Then again - I also know I wouldn't get or mod a bjd to have features I'd find down right unbearable to look at in the real world either. So their is a certain amount of attractiveness to it.

      I have a character covered in piercings with bright blue hair and tons of tattoo's... but I'm actually not fond of seeing it on a real person. I still plan to make him into a doll cause I love his personality. Maybe my dolls personalities reflect beauty for me.

      I suppose it would be different if I didn't already have idea's in mind. But that's just me and I can be a bit strange XD I know when I look at friends dolls I tend to gravitate to the ones that have features I find more beautiful.
    7. I wonder where my horror mod dolls like Einhard fit the bill. I would have pity if I saw a real person like this, but with dolls I can appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship, innovation and detailed work. It's not just the looks; it's the effort that went into making the looks that appeals to me.

      I guess my dolls fall into the following categories: Horror mods, mundane and extravagant. My horror mod dolls are craft projects and their "beauty" is not based on my ideals of beauty. My mundane looking dolls are beautiful in their simplicity. They don't look special, but gently breathe an air of natural beauty.
      My extravagant dolls are little attention seekers with loud make-up and distinctive clothes. In a sense I think they have taken bits of my ideals of beauty and multiplied it with a factor of 10. They get their attention with pretty things (lace, glitter, lots of pink, screaming colour combinations, weird hair colours) although it may result in fashion faux pas. :sweat
    8. Hmm, I'm not sure. I think all my dolls are beautiful but I don't know how much that has to do with my own ideas. I think every doll can look beautiful.

      In life the kinds of girls/boys I find most attractive are brown haired people with brown eyes, I only have one like that and she's a tanning so that would be an obvious coloring. So I guess they don't. But all my girls do have brown eyes now, so I think that's a sure sign of what I think is the most beatuiful eye color.
    9. Yes, which is frightening as I am putting together a group of zombie dolls and I find them stunning. ~Gus
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    10. DEFINITELY yes! ^.^
      All of my girls have long, luscious brunette or blonde hair (with bangs, ALWAYS). Blue, green, or gray eyes, ALWAYS and girly-girl outfits...

      I believe FULLY that an owner's dolls reflect their personal ideals of beauty!
    11. ^this. And to me Einhard is beautiful, because his mods are executed well.

      My dolls resemble their character, they are not automatically projections of what I personally think is beautiful.
      I love women with curves who are larger than the average hollywood-actress and men that are broadshouldered, but don't look like they spend their entire life in the gym. My own girl, however, has an athletic build, because this is what Zana is supposed to look like and some of my boys are very muscular. And lord Alikaj is really thin, almost skinny, something I do not find attractive at all!

      This doesn't mean my dolls are ugly, but like Muisje said, it's more the beauty of craftmanship and detailed work (not so much innovation, as my dolls aren't innovative) I want to bring across.
    12. Yes. >.>

      I design my characters to be sexy in their own unique ways. Sanyu is that tomboy sexy, the kind that don't know they're sexy and laugh when people tell them that they are. I especially like drawing/taking pictures of/etc... Sanyu topless with her denim jeans and boots. I don't know why I find denim jeans so sexy. ^_^()

      Gael (when I get her) was CREATED to be my idea of beauty. That was my entire concept when I made her as a character. She was supposed to be just strikingly beautiful. Gold shimmering skin, eyes that sparkled, a continuous smile, a fluid graceful step, shimmering hair, exotic... She was also supposed to come across as kind, gentle, polite, and graceful. In reality she's a compulsive liar, a drunk, and has all sorts of other problems that she hides with illusions to make herself prettier and even more lies. I kind of made Gael originally to show that beauty is really only skin deep, that some really dark and personal problems can lie even under the most loved. And, in the end, no matter how many friends or lovers you acquire through the mask of beauty and kindness, your true self underneath will eventually show. You know then your true friends by the ones who still love you without the lies.

      But anyways, I ramble... oO
    13. I think that so far, in a way all my dolls do reflect some ideal of beauty... especially in that they are so varied.

      For example... Iris has a very doll-like face with large eyes and full lips, and a slim, almost-boyish figure. She wears bright, punky, mismatched clothing and has brightly-colored wigs with rainbow stars on her faceup. By contrast, Morrigan has a mature face sculpt and a stocky body with short legs and thicker thighs. She has strawberry blonde hair and natural makeup. They both fit into my ideal of beauty, though they are completely different.

      For me, the one defining factor in my dolls is an expression of character. I think each sculpt in my collection has a distinct "personality" that I've tried to bring out through customization. I've had a couple of dolls that were physically beautiful, but not very expressive... and I've since sold them. I could admire the fact that they were pretty, but they didn't convey a sense of personality to me. I think that is the most beautiful thing about BJDs... that you can look at a doll and get a sense of a real character behind them. In the examples above, Iris comes across as cheerful, friendly, and a little naive. Morrigan is withdrawn, wise, and wistful-looking. I think all of my dolls have an expressiveness that tells a story about their character, and that's what I find most beautiful of all.
    14. I like the way my dolls look. I don't know as they express any "ideals of beauty". You can have friends and like how they look without thinking someone is the most beautiful creature you ever saw. You can think they look intelligent or interesting or even amusing and like looking at them, maybe even like that more than a very beautiful person. There are so many different types of beauty that I have absolutely no idea what the "ideal" would be except perhaps in the case of the type of people I would like to date or mate with, and I certainly don't want every doll I own to look like that - for one thing, they'd all look the same, andI don't want a dozen of the same doll. And for another thing, the age of some of the dolls (children and young teens for example) is not commensurate with being an adult date or mate for me.

      I really think this thread is just the umpteenth variation on whether we use dolls to exemplify or personify some ideal of artistic or personal beauty that we don't see/ can't achieve/ can't be around in real life. And for me, the answer for the umpteenth time is NO. Dolls are characters, they can look a lot of different ways from pretty to ugly to funny to ordinary, and I like to have them all over the spectrum just like people. Much more interesting that way.
    15. I have to say, honestly, no. Actually NOT AT ALL. Not my girls anyway. :sweat

      Megan is very thin and boney, and my idea of beauty is very much like the Renaissance paintings of the 16th century. Ladies with MEAT on them is really attractive to me, and Megan is actually meant to look average (as far as facial beauty), and somewhat homely, like a scraggly nerdy emo kid. And I would never want to look like Soo, because personally, I find the Ganguro style's just...ugly to me. :sweat And while I think that Soo is beautiful and looks amazing as herself, I would never ever want to look like that. XD;

      Honestly, the only dolls I have that would suit my ideals of beauty would be my boys. They all have long hair, and are very thin and graceful. In fact, my ideals for boys are the complete opposite for girls! I find "manly" women attractive, as well as feminine boys! :lol: I would say that subconsciously, my boys are very much representations of what the perfect guy would look like.

      But as far as girls go, unless they make a chubby (and by chubby, I mean borderline obese) six year old doll with a blissful, innocent, uncorrupted smile, then they have yet to make my perfect interpretation of beauty.
    16. I love when I get my dolls to fit my idea of beauty, I always find myself altering that to their personality though. I know I will not be able to create a doll that is completely my idea of perfection (i love piercings & tattoos) because i'm always afraid of "hurting" them, lol
      I would however love to have a doll that portrayed societies deffinition of an ugly person. I think if done well it could end up being kinda cute...
      I also currently have a boy that has a burn scar on his face neck and shoulder, and I love him to death. If I saw a human with this I certainly wouldn't think omg that's the most beautiful person in the world, but I d find my doll pretty. I think you can add more "ugly" features to a doll that will still make them not look unattractive to you because you get to control exactly how it looks and its not just a result of nature like with humans.
    17. My dolls are incredibly gorgeous to me. That being said, I'm attracted to dolls who aren't 'traditionally beautiful.' I like them to look off the wall and different. I own a ND Belladonna who most people find ugly. To me, shes lovely. She's one of my very favorite dolls out of all 8 that I own. Everyone is attracted to different types of things. I like ugly pretty. ^_______^
    18. I suppose I can say so!

      I dress modestly because I feel that "modesty honors beauty" so my dolls do the same...the only exception I was making was for my Moona.

      I like to dress my Pukis in cutsy things and Nuri in more punk clothes because I appreciate creativity in style. I see beauty in so many of my dolls is darker is in a wheelchair and another has a scar on her eye.

      To me: Imperfections...and the fact that there are people that don't mind them...are the most beautiful things of all.
    19. Some of my dolls are supposed to look like specific characters, so they may or may not fit in with my own ideas of beauty. However, I do think there is definitely some overlap when I look at my dolls as a whole group. I tend to like very stylized dolls or realistic dolls who are not idealized, which ties into the fact that I tend to find interesting and different more appealing than conventionally pretty.

      But zombies are always cool ;) You can never go wrong with a horde of zombies, lol.
    20. Interesting questions.Whilst it's lovely to see beautifully manicured and well turned out dolls all the time, it can get a little boring.So, I like it when someone has the guts to break the norm, now while they're not always my cup of tea,I can appreciate them for their originality.
      E.g.I have a Steampunk doll called 'The Doll' and she is quite creepy and grotesque, but I have only just recently managed to get the correct body for her, and in fact it made me realise just how much I missed her when she wasn't whole.
      So I don't know so much about my ideals of beauty, but they do reflect my creative ideas.
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