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~*~Do Your Dolls Share Clothes?~*~

Jan 21, 2011

    1. I'm not sure if a thread similar to this has been started already. If so, I'm sorry..just ignore this, but I couldn't seem to find it so here goes...

      So far, I only have a boy and a girl doll-Zhile and Ieanah. I'm enjoying buying and making clothes for them. They have their own personalities and I do match their clothing with that. But now, I have three dolls on the way-two boys and another girl..Dhiel, Foren, and Miriz. Their characters are different from one another and thus, I find myself looking for different sets of clothing. :doh

      We all know that clothes don't come cheap. I'm still a beginner when it comes to sewing and I want all of them to look nice. I find that if I were to put Ieanah's clothes on Miriz, it just doesn't seem right. *_*

      So I guess I want to know if you have ever found yourself in this same predicament. Do you dolls share clothes with one another? Does your outlook on their personalities change afterwards? :)
    2. My dolls do share clothes but I am not a story writer. I dont buy characters as much as beautiful girls. Make sense? So all my girls have a similar style so they all share clothes. Some items I prefer on certain girls but for the most part they share. They have more and better clothes than I have for myself. They are very spoiled.
      Now if I was writing a story line for them and their clothes made their character it would be hard to share clothing.
    3. None of mine share clothing. Occasionally they share shoes if the shoes match their outfits though...but that's about it. Neither do they share wigs nor eyes. Each of my crew has a very distinct character that absolutely requires their own unique style. They are all part of an on-going urban fairytale in my mind, like a visual journal of my life experiences, so their characters are very determined and well developed. I even go so far as to give each one their very own display room to live in...although they may visit one another, each has their own special space. I am very concerned that sharing clothing would most certainly alter my view of their personalities. So yeah, nobody around here shares clothes. It's a very good thing I know how to sew!;)
    4. This is how I am as well. I like buying a lot of the same type of clothing for girl dolls and sometimes mixing and matching the pieces between the sets for them and swapping out outfits on them. Some just look better in certain wigs, eyes or clothes than others, but they will still share sometimes. It really helps when you also only like very certain styles of clothing, I suppose.
    5. My dolls share clothes, by and large, as far as they can, but of course, my current (tiny) collection of clothes are mainly casual/street clothes, generic enough that I can picture one in every household. :sweat The boys can share because they're all roughly the same size. Only Fate gets his own personal wardrobe, mainly because he's the only one who fits into Dollheart outfits. :sweat

      I'm not very into fashion, and definitely not into the idea that 'the clothes make the man', so I see no problems in my dolls sharing clothes. After all, they are still themselves naked and faceless, so what do their clothes matter? ^_^
    6. Out of all my dolls (and planned dolls) I think my four sisters and my SD13 Elena will share some clothes sometimes, but none of the rest of my dolls will. Except for Yo's. They will definitely share clothes, since they will have the same personality types, etc.

      My Elena (Hikaru) is sort of wealthy, but more carefree beautiful, so she will share some clothes with Miyuki (4 sisters) who is VERY wealthy and snobby, and has to be perfect all the time. I want to get a couple more SD size girls that I will call Momoka and Kana, and Kana will be kind of punky/gothy, so she won't share clothes with anyone, and Momoka will be extremely girly and bubbly and she will not share clothes with anyone either.

      The exception will be when they do cosplay, then it's a free for all lol.
    7. No, they can't. Because non of my boys is the same size as each other. I have one YO-sd, one MSD and one SD13, so it's impossible for them to share their clothes. It true that it's very waste my money to buy their clothes for one time, but I love to buy clothes for them. I don't know in the future, when I have my new doll that has the same size of one of my boys, I'll share their clothes or not. I still have no experience. You know, not every doll have same style of cloth that match with them. So it hard for the owner to choose the best cloth for them and they can also share it.
    8. My dolls do share clothing but for me it's sort of a mix and match kind of thing. For example one combination I might put on a doll would not be put on another doll.

      I do have a few outfits that ONLY go on one of my girls because they just wouldn't suit my other girls. And obviously my one lone boy cannot share clothing, but the girls do occasionally steal his shirts :P
    9. All of my dolls share clothes for at least a little while, while I work on buying or (far more often) making them clothing of their own. Some just share clothing in general, like my twins and another girl in their size. One of my girls will also on occasion 'borrow' the shirts belonging to one of my guys. As those two are friends in their story, I decided I like that enough to add it into the interaction between the characters. That same girl and another girl will occasionally share 'casual' clothes, as they are GFs, and things like t-shirts can be swapped between them without any 'style clashing' issues, or (more importantly given their different colorings) color clashing issues.
    10. It is actually funny that I want my dolls to have the same wig and eye size and that they can share clothes (well, the Yos among themselves and the big girl with each other, although my Unoas can sometimes steal the little ones' shirts) but they actually don't.

      All of them have a different style and they also have a default set of eyes/wig so they don't really mix it up. Sometimes I play around but it's very rare.
    11. If I had two dolls the same size and gender, most certainly they would share outfits, wigs, eyes, etc. As it is, I do share things around as much as possible. I have no problem "stretching" my collection by crossdressing my more effeminate males. It doesn't seem to work as well the other way 'round though. My girls are too girlish to look like boys. Just another facet of the fun that is BJDs, I suppose.
    12. While my dolls are all specific characters with-in a storyline I'm writing, they do share things from to time. They are all blood related or living in the same family units so far as the story goes. Which means they are much like siblings or even spouses who on occassion sneak something out of someone else's closet. They each have a style and won't just grab anything. An example is my boy who only wears black will wear a black shirt bought for another doll if it strikes his fancy. Same w/my boy who prefers cute dandy and egl fashion...if my girl has something he likes and it fits, he'll borrow.

      Shared clothing and shoes actually helps me keep the collection under control. If they share basic items, I have even more funds and time for buying and creating the special and elaborate outfits.
    13. Oh yeah, without sharing we'd have some troubles. A lot of the casual stuff is basic pieces that can be swapped among multiple dolls, sometimes even across the genders. The MNF girls each have a Fer and no one wears the other's Fer, same with the SD girls. Some shoes will 'belong' exclusively to a doll, others go with whatever outfit they best match, regardless of what doll is wearing them.

      Most of the dolls will have a few things that are 'theirs', too. No one but His Royal Highness would get to wear the emperor's robes, for example, even though there are multiple boys the same size.
    14. All of my msd's share clothes with some exceptions. The differences come in mostly when things just don't fit. There are a few pants that some of my boys can't wear because their hips are bigger, or they have longer legs. The same can be said of shoes - while most shoes fit between my Custom House, Luts and DoD, my Angelheim boy's human feet are too long to fit in most shoes bought for the rest of them. They also wear different parts of the same clothes. A full set outfit often becomes several different outfits with numerous different looks just depending on what other pieces I pair them with, and the jewellry or other accessories that I add as well.

      I do admit though, that there are few outfits that can't be crossed like that. Destreya has a kimono that can't really be split up, and he refuses to share it with anyone else. Now that I can sew a few of my own things as well the general rule is if it was custom made to fit someone, there's a chance it just might not fit anyone else unless they have similar measurements.
    15. No. At least, not right now. Because:
      1.I have a boy and a girl
      2.My boy is an SD and my girl is an MSD. Kind of wouldn't fit even if I wanted to.

      If I had similar sized dolls I probably would depending on the kinds of shoots I wanted to do.
    16. My boys tend to share clothes a lot, but each of them does have their own unique sort of style, so I try to reflect that even when they're sharing clothes. There are certain things that only fit a couple of them, so naturally they're the only ones to wear those items, and I do have some things that one character will wear and the others won't touch, so I try to keep everything within the realms of their personalities. I also mix and match their clothes a lot, so I can get a lot of different looks for my boys, even though I'm just using the same clothes over and over again...
    17. My girls of similar sizes all share clothes. My guy is lucky because he's an only (male) child so he doesn't have to share. :)
    18. A few of my dolls can share shoes and shirts, but as far as outfits go, they're all too unique to really share. That means they don't get as many outfits, but I'm very happy with the ones they have. :)
    19. I currently only have one boy
      I just bought lots of clothes for him, but when the new boy comes in I'll have to figure that out
      I'm sure some clothing will have to go to another, it all depends now on what fits each one.
      but eventually I don't think they'll be sharing
    20. The ones who can often do, if the clothes are pretty generic, casual, or don't fit any particular character. There are some items that distinctly belong to one character because they resemble something the character wears in the actual story; those do not get shared. Nor do eyes and wigs. I don't have any dolls with so many clothes of their own that their selections wouldn't get a little dull without getting to mix and match available pieces. :sweat