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Do your dolls take over your living space?

Nov 2, 2007

    1. Hello,
      My doll's body is not here yet(his head is though)yet he already has a few things that belong to him. His body should be coming soon so I bought him a daybed which is actually a dog bed:sweat for him to sit in as I do not like doll stands. The bed is over 30' in. long and 18' in. wide; I cleaned and reorganized my dresser so it will fit(reorganize means remove almost everything and put it somewhere else such as the closet.) There is barely enough room for anything else and most of that belongs to my fish! He is going to take over my bedroom:o
      So my question is: do any of you guys find that your dolls take up your space; do you even find yourself pushing your things aside so their things will fit?
    2. Yes, I think that's a normal thing ha ha. I think that's true with any hobby cause ever since getting into anime it's literally taken over my walls, computer, and bedroom in general!(not to mention my stuffed animals!) I don't wanna see how my room looks once I get the horde I so desire I'll probably end up with very little room for myself XD
    3. My dolls are definitely taking over my boyfriend's place... while my vinyl toys took over mine. It's definitely all over the place haha!
    4. My kids haven't taken over my room yet, but it's coming. SOON. They already have more clothes and pairs of shoes than they know what to do with, and I just ordered them more.

      I was looking yesterday for a couple of storage containers for their stuff. The takeover has begun, I guess.
    5. My dolls (I have barbies, Tonner's and other fashion dolls, and now I'm waiting for SD elfdoll soah) used to stand all over my apartment. Any flat place ( table, bookshelfs, my computer desk, even my computer's monitor) was occupied by dolls. Finally, even I've had enough of it, and they have they own glass cabinet now. And everybody is happy (especially my husband) untill the closet turns out to small for the girls.....:doh
    6. My dolls have their own little corner with their own little sofa. Where they usually hang out all day long! ^__^
    7. My resin boys have a cutey glass cabinet where i keep them when i'm not at home.. But it's only a matter of time before the glass cabinet is too small as my resin family slowly seems to be growing! But there's worse things than dolls taking over my living space, so i'm not complaining^^

      Zim in his glass cabinet::: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c329/lotterotten/Misc Dollfie/DSC03695.jpg
    8. Dolls used to take over my room, yes. Back when I had a larger room (I traded rooms with my sister) my SailorMoon dolls, for instance, took over my dresser drawers. Then, they took over a book shelf... as did all my stuffed animals, two kokeshi dolls (I've since gotten 3 more), a Geisha doll, and a lot of other stuff.

      Now, I try to be more careful. However, my room is still filled with (too much) stuff!

      As you can see here: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i125/IceCoffin/bookshelfTWO.jpg

      Here: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i125/IceCoffin/BULLETIN_CORNER.jpg

      In my closet: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i125/IceCoffin/CLOSETinside.jpg

      And up here: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i125/IceCoffin/PLUSHIEshelf.jpg

      Now, we can all ask whether or not I even have enough room for a doll! LOL.
      These are old pictures. You can't see my bed, but... I have a huge Xbox box right at the side of my bed now. >_>;

      My room, regardless, still essentially looks like that. Ugh.
    9. :) charles X and mini moon are going to have a place of there own once l get the flat cleaned up.
    10. Nope, my guinea pigs rule the roost in my room! Not only does their indoor hutch take up the only table space I have, but their STUFF just takes up room - and then they also manage to get hay and woodshavings everywhere!

      The dolls have their stuff in boxes under the bed, and currently the six of them sit on my bookshelf. Takin' up all the room on the bookshelf. I wouldn't want them to take up ALL of my living space - as much as I love the little resins I think my friends and S.O would get slightly peeved by loadsa little eyes peering at them intently all the time! (And with one doll lookin' at everyone in disgust!XD)
    11. Oh..I bet they will. I've yet to get my first BJD but I already see all the stuff I'm getting for him. I already need to get something to keep my supplies in for mods and the such plus the clothes...And I need to find a place to keep him.

      XD my marker habit takes up the better half of my desk, I guess it's due time for me to clean my bookshelf off yet again and start making room for my baby.
    12. I've donated half my desk space to his art materials etc. and he's currently living in his box by the tv. which I had to rearrange some furniture for! so yes!! haha
    13. I'm planning on getting another little shelf to stick right beside my dresser, but I don't know how much room it will free up!

      What I do know is that I really need to give up some stuff... and move that Xbox downstairs where my other games are! XD

      Seriously, about half of those stuffed animals, I could live without, nowadays. Although I don't know what to do about my teapot. >_>;
    14. not really... my room is rather large ( probably bigger than your parents room ;D) and he's only an MSD. And even if I expanded my doll family with many SD's it would take about 10 SD's for them to actually "take space"

      for now my boy has a shelf that is is "room" <:
    15. Hehe :) Yes definately XD
      Cloud and Sky have their own bed next to mine ^^
      They sleep together, though they don't get along well, but they don't have much choice either lol XD
    16. It's not so much the dolls (although I have a bunch of them), but all their clothes, wigs, maintenance stuff (like re-stringing supplies, faceup supplies, wire, tools), furniture and props, tripods, backdrops, light tents, dollhouses...etc.
    17. i'm quite lucky really, i'mmoving back in with my mum who is planning on moving to a new house in the new year, and provided everything goes to plan i will have my room built from scratch for me (either have the attic or garage converted) so i will be able to allocate a space for my soon to be doll family.
    18. I've got three now, and it's tested where I can put them. This is going to be so difficult when I get the next two that I've got my heart set on *_* For now, Drystan and Celeste either sit in my arm chair or hang out on the bed while Nephele is occupying their normal space on my dresser. As for their things, they're crammed into a large cigar box until I can find something else ^^;
    19. Sort of... I got a little table to put his box on top of it (which is where he is when I'm not at home during the day) and I made him a sofa that's on another flat surface next to my computer. I also have a rather large box of bjd things in my closet. But this is only for one doll, I don't know how it will be when I have more :sweat
    20. My dolls & their stuff have definitely taken over my house. The only rooms without some in are the kitchen & bathroom. Their trunks fill my living room, they have entire chests of drawers of their own & almost every flat surface has dolls on it. But mind you, I have other dolls beside just the BJDs. The BJDs in particular inhabit every available space in the living room so I can have them easily at hand & enjoy their beauty every day. Between the cats & the dolls, it's lucky I have anyplace to sit.