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Do your dolls wear the clothes they recieve in swaps?

Oct 8, 2010

    1. I have recieved and made several outfits over the years for various swaps and recieved many an outfit myself. And I have been wondering if your dolls wear the clothes they recieve?

      Mine wear and share the clothes they get at various times and my Bygg is STILL in the outfit he recieved from the fantasy/mythical creature swap :)

      But I'm just wondering if everyone does this. I know that I am very far from anything resembling a proffesional seamstress but I try my hardest when I make clothes for other dolls and I think they come out nicely for having been hand made by someone who knows two whole stitches and drafts her own simple patterns...

      And mods- remove if you need too!
    2. My Puki is always in her things from last years fall swap
    3. Shinta is currently wearing his Dolliverse swap gift of this spring. It's an elven robe costume and it looks great on him :)
    4. Yup! Right now wearing her red hooded cape to fit in with the colder weather coming. :)
    5. Tien Jen still occasionally wears an outfit that was made for him in the first swap I ever took part in. (That was early in 2006-) The style and colors suit him pretty much perfectly, so it's remained an active part of his wardrobe.

      Ansolm has never *not* worn the red silk and gold-beaded scarf he got in a Valentines' swap a couple of years ago. It's just become a signature part of his "look". I can't imagine him without it.
    6. Aw! I'm glad you like his outfit that much! the start of this thread has totally made my day!

      To answer...mostly, yes, my dolls wear the outfits the receive in swaps. Casspian and Tuhin are still in the outfits they got in the fantasy/mythological creature swap, too. The other two swaps I've gotten outfits in...I would still be using...but the pants on one no longer fit the intended doll, as he has hooves now, and I don't like him to sit around in just a shirt (and the pants don't fit the 'style' of my only other doll they'd fit, either) and the other outfit...well, it didn't fit. I need to alter it to make it fit, and am still not sure how...but even if I do, I'm not sure it fits that doll's style, though it MIGHT go to another of my girls...again, pending some alterations to make it actually fit the doll.
    7. My dolls probably wouldn't, but that's why I don't join swaps. I'm always curious about the swaps going on though and lurk the threads to see what people have made others :)
    8. I've only participated in one swap, but my girl is currently wearing the shoes she received in it.
    9. Well it fits him so well! Style and cut :)
    10. My dolls still wear the items I got from one swap, but with all the other swaps I've been in, I was either paired with a beginner seamstress that sends me a sock dress type thing or with someone that recieves an item but doesn't send one back X_X
    11. I have taken all swap clothing I´ve got in use, just as far as they fit for my dolls by size and colour. Most often I´ve got nice things, and I´ve seen things I´ve made for others in use too, so hopefully they all have liked them. :) But must admit that it´s always a risk in swaps, that the things you get either don´t fit or are not the right style or quality certain people wish to get.
    12. Yuppers. I have been quite lucky in my swapping to get some really lovely stuff. Though I will say that I often mix and match what I have gotten with items I already have to make new outfits and styles. Kit loves to wear the vest that he got in the fantasy swap with his white jeans from nine9style. And in one case I altered what I got. I received a pair of wide straight leg jeans that I turned into closer fitting taper legs.
    13. Yep! I've been really lucky and have gotten really nice, well-fitting clothes for my girl. Plus I love handmade items.
    14. I am seriously swap addicted, so i have joined a lot of swaps in the past and run a series of JID swaps.

      Some swap clothes get worn, some dont.
      Once i have had to sew a pair of pants back together, they where from a good pattern and from a good material, but they where black and handsewn with a pinkish-orange thread. But after i spend some time with them behind the sewing machine, they have been mistaken for real Iple pants and my boy uses them all the time.

      I got some awesome, awesome dresses in the Pukifee swaps, currently all pkf are dressed in swap dresses. The person i got the gifts from must have really done her homework for they where spot on what i wanted.

      And some real good stuff for my JID's, but i have also pulled the short straw sometimes. I usually hand down stuff i really dont want to someone who can use it.
    15. Blair spent her first few weeks with me in her socks from a Christmas Swap last year.
      Shin wears his watch almost all the time!
    16. I haven't participated in any swaps (yet) but if my girl received something in a swap she'd probably wear it at least few times a year.
    17. Yeah unless the person who made them has cats then my kiddo's wear 'em. I still feel bad that I can't put Haruka and Kaname (my couple) in their swap clothes from a Christmas swap because I still get itchy just touching the outfits and I was terrified it'd be the same with my kiddo's if I put it on them.
    18. My resinsoul wear one of the t-shirts he got in first and right now only swap :) they are his standard clothing i really like them
    19. Mine do as long as they fit. Otherwise the clothing migrates to another doll in the collection that can wear the item if it fits that doll's style.

      I'm really bad about proving it though x.x
    20. As long as they fit properly most of the time they look really nice in swap clothes