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DoA 2010 T-shirts - Mysoti, issues, etc.

Oct 28, 2010

    1. All right, we are finally making the 2010 DoA t-shirts available for purchase!
      This year's AMAZING design is by the extremely talented cyristine, who won the 2010 t-shirt design contest back in August!


      In addition to this lovely design that is perfect on pale colored shirts, cyristine created an alternate-color version that looks great on black!

      We are making these t-shirts available in two ways:

      The first is through MySoti.
      Our MySoti Shop:

      MySoti allows us a little more control over the size and placement of the image, which means that we are able to make the t-shirt look a bit more like cyristine's sample. You may purchase the shirt on a black or white background, and you may also choose to have the shirt printed on an American Appeal blank (which has a slightly different fit and feel that some people seem to prefer).
      Please see note in most recent post.

      The second method is through Cafepress.
      Our CafePress Shop:

      The design is slightly smaller and centered on the Cafepress shirts. However, there are more options in terms of color, style, and size (plus sizes, maternity). We have also made a few other items available, since people have requested them in the past. We thought the gym bag might work as a mini doll carrier if you put in some cushions, so it seemed like a fun choice!​

      The 2010 Design will be available until mid-January 2011.

      We are also making all of our past t-shirt designs available on Cafepress until 11/5!
      This is just a short order for anyone who may have missed these designs in the past.

      2009 Design (Cafepress or MySoti
      This design was created by Aimee Major (DoA's original owner) and armeleia (DoA's current owner).

      5th Anniversary Design (Cafepress only)
      This design was created by armeleia.

      Retro Design (Cafepress only)
      This design was created by Aimee Major. It's especially cool because this was printed on the original DoA t-shirts back in 2004 and 2005!
    2. Just a little warning - before someone who uses the metric system makes a mistake and buys the gym bag for their Mecha Angel or 70cm dolls (like I almost did) :sweat

      On the CafePress page, the dimensions of the gym bag are mistyped: 20" x 9" = 50.8cm x 22.9cm (not 86cm...like they have it on the page). So as armeleia said, this bag would be best fitted for mini sized dolls (up to 48-50cm^^)
    3. Can anyone tell me how small the sizing runs on the girls shirts? Specifically on the Raglan tee?
    4. Cafepress shirts tend to shrink, so make sure to get a size larger then your norm...at least that's my experience with their girly tees even though I wash them ultra carefully ;)
    5. I would love the 2010 design on a tank top, because I'm obsessed with layering, even in the winter. :D I'm always wearing a tanktop underneath the hoodies and coats. Is there no way to facilitate this?
    6. I can tell everyone from experience about some of the designs and styles.

      I have the Cafepress Retro design Ringer teen and the picture's stayed on wonderfully. Just a little faded from being worn, but no image-peeling/flaking that sometimes happens to tee shirt images.

      However, I also have the Cafepress 2009 design on the black pull-over hoodie, and the picture is peeling away. It's gotten those 'splits'/'cracks' that some images get and it's wearing away fairly rapidly. I also haven't worn this sweatshirt very much. I hope the image stays on better on the tee shirts.

      I'm looking forward to getting this year's design on a black tee. :)
    7. Today is the last day for previous designs - only 2010 design will be available starting tomorrow!
    8. Almost 9 months later, many MySoti orders are still unfulfilled and we have completely pulled our designs. People who have outstanding orders have the option of requesting a refund through MySoti's website.

      We will offer the t-shirts again through Cafepress next week if anyone would like to cancel their MySoti order and reorder through Cafepress. :(

      We apologize for the frustration; MySoti was recommended to us by a few people who had good experiences with them in the past. We are obviously not responsible for the actions of outside services, but we still feel bad that this particular celebration-related item went so far amiss. :( We wish everyone the best possible outcome for either waiting for their MySoti orders or getting refunds.
    9. Steve is giving out refunds, so don't be afraid to ask.