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DoA 7th Anniversary Contests!

Jul 9, 2011

    1. We are excited to announce that we have posted the threads for our 7th Anniversary contests!

      Before you go skipping off to see what you can win, please take a moment to read these SUPER IMPORTANT GUIDELINES about what we expect from you in terms of behavior.
      In general, you've all been really great for the last few months, but we find that the opportunity to win prizes of substantial value brings out the cattiness in all of us. This year we will readily eject jerks and troublemakers, so please be on your very best behavior.

      Continuing on, we are hosting 7 "major" contests. Each contest is being administrated by a different team member, so please note that the rule sheets may not be formatted exactly the same across all of the contests. If you have a question, please ask in the thread before the deadline; the host will be happy to clarify.

      We are also having a "bragging rights only" (well, and marshmallows) contest for the forum staff. We hope members will cheer us all on in the Talent Show!

      We will also have a handful of "daily" contests and discussion threads. Once August begins, keep an eye on the Anniversary Subforum!

      In addition, we are working with a few companies to offer special DoA-themed or DoA-exclusive items. We will provide more information about those things when they become available.