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DoA Seller (& BUYERs #70) Feedback from p^th3T!k~grrr1

May 9, 2006

    1. Being new to DoA and a veteran of eBay I first seemed to hit the Marketplace and have gotten wonderful items from great members. Little did I know that a Great Transaction had a way of receiving feedback until X_Kazakai_X (see Post #68 to Opinion change) told me 'how to' ... THX :abow:

      And now I sit and make my list (and check it twice ... let me know if I miss you) of all the Wonderful DoA Mmebers I have bought from (I probably don't really want to see it all listed like this together *_* ):

      X_Kazakai_X(see Post #68 to Opinion change) - Angelic Scars Default Boy Outfit
      cheshiretiffy - a Great Neon Mesh Boa
      Kyoru304 - a Keris and the Red Duck Jacket
      Staci - "Orient Sun" Dress for Delf Girl
      (SAIICHI382853) - ~ 13Boy Jacket***
      chibikitsune - 20mm black glass eyes FREE US shipping!
      cosmos - FS Volks SD Ushiwakamaru wig
      noriko - Souldoll old style Gold/Red Cat
      calalillith - -Mistula shirt -- featuring the lovely Manx *drool*
      caddyvamp - Soom Pleather Boy Pants w/chains
      ShellyL - Violet Fern outfit
      psychodragon82 - Luts black "Punk Eyes" shirt
      Alodia - Mettalic Blue Armor Set (SD)
      rykaan - #4 : Jewelry Necklace - Beautiful Handmade rainbow wig!
      mel - Volks Vivienne Westwood Style Rocking Horse shoes & AnotherSpace Goggles in Sky Blue
      lyn_r - Luts Black Riche dress; Luts black ruffle skirt from the "Leriel" set; Moggie Black Leather two buckle corset; Luts "Lizard Queen" set
      Valentine - Antique Rose Eyes & Silver + Blue Jewelry
      Sonoshi - Heisejinyao "Cloud White Leather Skirt" Fits Luts Girl
      ChocoMeijin - MSD Wicked Stitchery Wings + Tinies House
      jolarocknrolla - volks top & the two crowns; Eyecandies 18mm eyes
      syrinxfox - Pliver for sueding
      yoru - Dragon shirt
      Cindyg - Souldoll shirt
      Lolly - Schwartzaugen-mauve-18mm; baby-blue-18mm
      SporkNinja - Heisejinyao "White Angel" Leather Outfit; Heisejinyao "Lost Angel" Leather (Jacket and Skirt only!)
      Kurosakura - Black 1 Wing w/purple accent feathers; Flocked/Pleather Trousers and Hat set
      Mina - OOAK - Ribbon Spray hat
      Violaine - Schwarzaugen eyes, 20mm, Buttercup
      LabRat - Lati doll Pury
      Vanillashine - Volks 18mm Metallic Purple Eyes
      ashlyn - See No Evil (Hitasura) Shirt
      roxyk630 - Cat & Hazel Eyes
      Lizzegirle - FujiFilm FinePix S5100 Digital Camera
      (joeseph) - SD World of peace soom Gena outfit
      ravendolls - Schwarzaugen acrylic eyes from Japan
      Elements of OrnateJoy - #826 OOAK Moroccan Sash; #824 Asian Jade Coin Necklace
      TaiOfMine - Rainbow Kimono
      palbrycht - Ballet style outfit for Rainey girls
      nightfall_walker - Nightfall - pre-order of wigs 4 & 5
      ArvanahModray - Volks white pleather felt-lined peacoat
      Derilaan - MSD fluffy coat & cloche
      Kurosakura - Flocked/Pleather Trousers and Hat set
      digital_grrl79 - Schwarzaugen 18mm eyes & Fairy Outfit

      Well this has become a work in progress :ablink:
      (beginning of eMail address) - Will try and figure your DoA ID

      All of these are GREAT to deal with!!!!! And as you can see I have dealt with quite a few members and have not had any bad experiences so I would say having a bad one is very rare! This seems to be a very helpful and caring group of people that congregate here!!!!
    2. Just to help you out a bit (stague) is SporkNinja on DoA. :aheartbea

    3. THX So Much I made the update!!! :) See like I said a Great person to deal with and very helpful also.
      That is why I like the DoA Community So Much!
    4. thank you - i'd be happy to sell/buy from you any time :)
    5. THX Again to all the member's who have/are gratiously answered/ing my eMails requesting their DoA Name so I can make my list as correct/accurate as possible!:)

      Especially the names that were the same as the eMail names :lol:
    6. These are the Great DoA Members I have received items from today :) :

      dieCG - Schwarzaugen Candy Polymer Passion 18mm eyes
      pixiejunky - No Gentleman 2 piece top
      darthmissy - Homemade warrior print top
      SporkNinja - 12mm Orderhouse Eyes - Red and Black

      Thanks to all for such fast efficient shipping & of course for selling me these Wonderful items!!! :abow:
    7. More Greatness from these DoA Members:

      ChocoMeijin - MSD UVF Violetfern Outfit ~Little Serenade of Water~
      Elements of OrnateJoy - #962 Jelly Bracelet Combo (6 Colors)

      :abow: :abow: :abow:
    8. I want to Thank and Give Kudos to the Following DoA Members for my purchases that arrived:

      Janne - 1. Brass cups(2); 2. Black lace and velvet outfit for LUTS boys
      St. James - Jade point (13mm) on fine brown suede. 11cm in length. Piece 134
      LoveVampire - NT Jade Default wig

      :abow: :sumomo: :abow: :sumomo: :abow: :sumomo:
    9. shuen - Felicitas- SaFi HEAD(Flesh)
      wickedstitchery - 1. Blue silk Chinese wrap coat~ties closed inside and out; 2. Purple rose pleated swing skirt.

      Thank you so very much all of these are so much prettier in person!!!!!!!!! I am very happy and please with how wonderful they are :sumomo:
    10. After many Great transactions with bittenbefore on eBay I also found Judy here and of course couldn't resist :) I got these wonderful creations of hers today:

      2. LACE SWEATER SD/Sd13
      4. Black Sexy Sweater - Sd/Sd13 Super Dollfie, Souldoll CH

      And she had even added the 4th item when I had seen it on eBay directly to my standing order without additional shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Eveyone should feel very confident in dealing with Judy and then will be absolutely thrilled with anything she makes!!!!:abow: kudos!
    11. More Great Items and Quick Deliveries from these DoA Members today:

      crybabygirl777 - 1. brand-new Luts Lolita High Heel for girl; 2. dollmore lacy underwear set; 3. doll secrets lingerie
      LoveVampire - Teen Trends White fur hat

      THX So Much!!!!!!!!!! :abow:
    12. I got these packages today! :sumomo:

      lucybond - Tears at Twilight Necklace ... made especially for me upon request :) It's so Beautiful!
      aishiteru - sexy underwear leopard :sneaky & It IS Sexy!
      Cassiel - Volks Chain Belt - SD size ... you were right, much prettier in person :)

      And I want to Thank these DoA Members for their fast shipment of these absolutley wonderful items!! They are all fantatastic :abow:
    13. These are the Wonderful DoA Members I received my purchases from today:

      Ashlyn - Auguste Designs "Baby's Breath" ..... WOW :o the pictures didn't do this justice!!
      uzuki - 16mm red eyes .... can't wait to try them out in my new SaFi :)

      THX So Very Much! :abow:
    14. I received my purchase of 18mm Schwarzaugen Cool Grey Eyes from Devilishly Delicious today :sumomo:

      The entire transaction went wonderfully especially considering she is home with her new son and new babies are quite the time/energy consumers :)
    15. I rec'd my purchases :sumomo: today, 06/05/2006 from:

      nepherim - Large Red Wings, huge, and hand made
      morbidollz - White shorts:Came with Syo

      They were both wonderful to deal with!!! :abow: and I love the items I got :love so I am very happy :)
    16. Forgot to mention that p^th3T!k~grrr1 is an excellent buyer to deal with~ Great communication and fast payment~ X3
    17. thank you too ! you are great too :)
    18. I am so behind on letting members I have bought from know I got everything and that I am happy, happy, happy :sumomo: :sumomo: :sumomo:

      That I am going to try and catch-up tonight and now since the feedback system has changed toleave feedback on the sellers' thread I will be attempting to do that also :)

      The members - the items .......... and I'm saying "Great doing business with you!"
      caddyvamp - 18mm Schwartzaugen Fancy Polymer Crimson eyes & SchwartzAugen 20mm Optical Polymer MD Ivory
      ravendolls - Purple Japanese-print Waloli Nideru of Japan Dress & Schwarzaugen Acrylics from Japan: 18mm Candy Iris, yellow!
      julia - 18mm Souldoll "Charm" eyes
      Staci - Beautiful Fairy outfit made by Cindy Chumley- Includes the wig as well as an additional top to suit different bust sizes.
      Riven - Angel Region Basic Kit girl outfit - includes dress,cap,shorts and angel bear.
      knovak - Volks Photo Book
      gab - • Wig MSD : W23 new
      X_Kazakai_X(see Post #68 to Opinion change) - Leather Visual Kei Sd13 boys outfit
      CherryStreet~Sera - Luts ‘Lolita High Heel’ for 60cm girls, in red. Gently used, in perfect condition.
      ChocoMeijin - Carameldoll Resin Cat Ears~
      xanthe_roses - Ripped Jeans for SD Boy (maybe female)
      wickedstitchery - 1. Pleasent blouse in cream; 2. Red/black celtic print corset, laces in back with black satin ribbon. Only worn once; 3 & 4. Chinese hair sticks~ Black/purple bead, black/red bead.
      NoNoNanoon - 18mm Scgwarzaugen saddleback eyes
      Artisticangel - 1. Doll sofa chair w/Pillows; 2. Doll chair metal; 3. The swing shadowbox
      caddyvamp - 20mm Fancy Polymer "Olive" Acrylic SchwartzAugen
      chiron2 - "UNKNOWN ALL BLACK 14MM-THESE HAVE NO PUPIL BUT ARE ALL BLACK"; Just what I was looking for! thx
      Dolly - White BOHO PANTS by bluegirlwish (Yueqiu is going to love wearing these in SC!)
      keii_chan - black souldoll eyes
      ChocoMeijin - Littlest Pet Shop Pets; White Cat
      aristocraticego - Gackt look alike bracelets
      mintneko - punkrock skirt; black mini skirt with pins+chains+eyelets; closes at the side with snap buttons
      Valentine - Choi Cafe Black Kitty Hat
      jgodel77 - Purple Lens Sunglasses ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79846 )
      Azurielle - Dyed Silk Cloak; made especially for me since the original one had already sold --- Great consideration!
    19. p^th3T!k~grrr1 is awesome to work with. We have had many, many, many wonderful transactions on Ebay and here. Always a pleasure! Thanks So Much for everything!

    20. Besides having a way cool name and great taste, p^th3T!k~grrr1 pays fast and permanently. Yay! :-D