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DoA T-Shirts for 2011

Aug 6, 2011

    1. It's that time again! (In fact, it's a bit late... :sweat)

      We are excited to present our 2011 t-shirt design, created by Marti of Martipresentsdolls. It was made to fit our 2011 theme of Me and my Shadow.
      Marti is a long-time European member of Den of Angels and the ABJD community. She is a visual artist and recently started producing her own dolls.

      This design is available on white, a handful of pale colors, and black. The t-shirt can be purchased from our Cafepress shop! It will be available until 12/31/11. :aheartbea

      For this week, we will also be offering a chance to buy DoA's past t-shirt designs. They are all currently available in our Cafepress shop, but you can also access that design directly by clicking the picture. These are done for this year, thanks!

      2010 design by cyristine

      2009 design by armeleia

      "Official" design by Aimee Major and armeleia.

      "Retro" design by Aimee Major

      We are again going through Cafepress because it is convenient and has offered consistently good quality and customer service. We hope that you will enjoy this year's design!
    2. Yay, a tote bag!!! Just as a heads-up to other non-wearers of T-shirts, there's a nice selection of other items available, too.
    3. There is a Cafepress coupon today - TEETIME10 to get 10%-25%.
    4. It was valid yesterday, not today, I'm afraid. :(
    5. Is there any way the 2010 design could be made available as a canvas tote bag again? I bought one last year, but through a mishap involving my dog it was damaged beyond repair. I really really really loved that tote bag, so I was hoping to replace it. >.<
    6. When will we hear about 2012's theme? Or am I a bit late for that one? lol or early for that matter!
    7. WingedGoddess: Yup, we will make the 2010 design tote bag available, but only until next week. It will be discontinued when the other retro designs are.

      Switzy: Very very very early! We're in the midst of the 2011 celebrations! We won't be posting about 2012 until next summer. Thanks!
    8. Is there anyway to purchase the old designs after 8/13?
    9. No, at that time they will be removed from the Cafe Press shop. Sorry!
    10. Is there any hope of a messenger bag that isn't yellow? Even pink would be awesome.
    11. Yellow is the only option for a messenger bag this year, sorry!
    12. The past designs are done for this year. Thanks guys! The 2011 t-shirt will be available through the end of the year.
    13. Oh no, I missed out on the 2010 design again! Unbelievable. :(

      Will the 2010 designs be available again during next year's Anniversary? Please say yes!