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DOC boy head + leekworld 6/6.5 wig?

Oct 28, 2007

    1. My Dream of Doll DOC Si girl allways has 6/7 inch wigs. They fit perfectly. Now I'm planning to buy a leekworld wig for her, but they only have 6/6.5 wigs and 7/8. I think 6/6.5 would work.. but does anyone knows this for sure? Does it fit? Has anyone here got a wig in that size (from leekworld) on a doc (boy) head?
      Thank you. ^^
    2. thank you, I shall read the thread. :)

      edit: I still think the 7/8's are looking big for their heads.. I hope to find somebody who have put an 6/6.5 leekworld wig on a doc head.
      thank you. ^^
    3. You're in luck!

      The leekeworld 6/6.5 wig is an exact fit for DOC. It fits so perfectly, I've already ordered a second for my Twing-key. You can even shake your doll upside-down, if you are so inclined, and it won't even shift.
    4. wheeee.. thank you.. I'm really happy to hear that. Do you have a picture? :)
    5. Wow, what a beautiful wig! It looks so good on her. I'm going to try it! :) I only hope the boys heads are not larger than the girls heads.
      I have a girl dolly, but she has a boys head. :P
    6. Thank you! I have to say I am extremely pleased with it. I couldn't imagine getting a wig from any other company for the type of wig it is.

      I haven't heard of the boy's heads being bigger than the girl's, but I could be wrong. Even if there is a slight difference though, I couldn't imagine it being big enough to not fit in the wig, the have an elasticity to them.
    7. Thank you very much for your information. ^^ I know enough now. :) And I love your Twing Key! ^^
    8. Happy to help! Echo, my Twing-key, says thank you for the compliment. :)

      I know its kind of unrelated, but I absolutely adore your Visje, she's very stunning! :D

      Good luck with getting your wig!
    9. That's good to know. I tried 7/8 Leeke wig on DOC Kirill, but it was too loose and did not look good.
    10. Just to let you know, the wig was to small for my girl. But an other wig with the same size did fit well.. so I think every wig is a bit diffirent I guess..
    11. I'm sorry to hear that. :( To tell you the truth when I got my second wig I noticed that it was a bit smaller than my first one. The same applied to the ones my friend got around the same time. I believe, though I could be wrong, that they shrunk the size of their 6/6.5 wigs slightly a short while after I had gotten my first wig. I still love the quality, but they do fit a bit differently than they used to.
    12. Just so be safe, I always stick to size 7-8 for my DoC ^^;

      There's always velcro to keep them on..