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doc boy's head on (new) girls body

Feb 12, 2007

    1. Dear everyone,

      I LOVE the new DOC girls body and I want DOC Si to be a girl, but somebody told me the socket for the neck is too big when I put a boy's head on a girls body. Does anyone know If I can put a DOC head on a DOC new girls body, and if it will fitt as all other girls? Please help me with this, for no one seems to have an aswer becouse the new girls body is so new. ^^
      Thanks a lot!
    2. I'm pretty sure when they announced the new body they said that it would fit both male and female heads.
    3. I don't know the definite answer, but I swear I read on the DoD site that it would fit small DoC heads like Bee-a and Twing-key. But now I go back to the site and I can't find it, so I'm not sure where I got that information. I think the best thing is to email DoD.
    4. Thanks, I'll search for a little while, if I can't find the aswer, I'll e-mail them about it.
    5. Please let us know, I want to do the same thing.
    6. si looks a very good girl and i think it's good with the new girl body, it's match good with a mnf body.
    7. This is what DOD answered when I asked them about the socket problem.

      Dear customer,

      As you already know, it's not match exactly, but it's not the point to where it looks strange.
      But again it's personnal point of view some customers do - Boy head + girl body and they are happy about looks.

      New girl body is same,

      If you have more questions, please email me.


      lol, not very much help.. but I guess we have an answer. :P
      Wanted to let you know.