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DoC Heads on Lati Blue Bodies?

Oct 13, 2007

    1. Im having such a hard time finding a girl and boy body to match with my Too and Bee-A. I was thinking about buying the new girl and boy bodies from DoD, but they're too pink,(my DoC's are older color)and the girl body's breats are an unusal shape(I hope that doesnt sound wierd, but to me it kinda matters). I saw a Unoa head on a Lati Blue girl body, and I must say the body looked quite stunning! If anyone has any pics of the combination, or automatically knows that the combo will or wont look right please tell me here ^_^

      :aheartbea Thanks to anyone who can help!

    2. Here is something about a DOC Bee-A head on an MNF body - but you'll have to ask the owner the version/age of each:

      This is a Unoa head, possibly with a Kaye keadback, on a Lati Blue body - the body had to be blushed to match Unoa 1.5 so the body resin must be fairly pale and not pink enough.

      DOC on a Dollzone body, but it makes her 46cm tall and I don't know version/age of head or body (Dollzone also changed resin color at some point):

    3. Thanks Carolyn, but Im asking for info for DoC heads on a Lati Blue body.
      Ive looked into MNF and the combo doesnt look right to me.
      Thanks for posting those helpful links though ^_^
    4. Here is someone who did the opposite - Lati head on DOC body - you can ask them how the fit and resin match was, and how old their DOC body is (I don't know if older DOC is a different color normal skin).

    5. Great! Can you provide their username perhaps :sweat
    6. I'd like to see if the old DOD is a resin match as well. My Tender Yen is from July 2005, and I have him on a Dollmore boy body, but I want something stockier, and less string-bean like. XD;; Ro is supposed to be short and stocky, not tall and lanky.
    7. Old dod resin is a fine match for the yellowy lati blue bodies ^^ I put my old bee-a on one, I can post a pic later~
    8. Lati changed their resin when they remade the girl body-- here's what the new resin looks like compared to a Volks Pureskin and Angell-Studio Normal.


      It's pinker now. And the new Lati I got after this one is a smidge, smidge pinker than the other Lati, too.
    9. Yes perhaps. Right now DoA search seems totally messed up (turning my multiword searches into OR searches, which won't work for this). I have to re-find the post (and that will take a while because it was hard to find before - I can't believe I forgot to put the link the first time).

      I still cannot find the photo, but at one time Vaith had a Lati blue head on a DOC body. Here she says that worked well, but the other way around did not look right: