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DOC Homme Kirill Foot Measurements

Apr 24, 2008

    1. I've searched through the forum and I've come across threads that give info on Homme Kirill's measurements and even links to two databases with doll measurements (like height, arm length, etc). However, I can't seem to find the measurement for H.Kirill's foot width anywhere. I'm still waiting for my doll to be shipped to me, soooo....

      Does anyone happen to have a H.Kirill doll with the long legged body who can measure the foot width for me? I'm trying to buy shoes for my doll and I hear that DOC dolls have slightly wider feet than other MSD sized dolls so certain shoes might not fit them.

      I'm actually looking at Mimiwoo's ebay shop right now and other websites like Dollmore and Luts, but I'm afraid to order anything in case it doesn't fit my doll's feet D=
    2. I'll measure Owen when I get home, I'm at school right now. Do you only need the width?

    3. Thanks for the help! The width is the main issue, but if you could measure the length too, that would be great ^__^
    4. Okay the Width at it's widest [just below the toes.] Is about 3.5 cm.
      And for the Length, I got about 6 cm.

      Not sure how accurate my tape measure is, but I think that should be approximate.

    5. Wow.. Kirill's feet really are a bit wider than most MSDs. I'll have to factor that in while looking for a pair of boots for my doll >.<

      Anyways, thanks again for helping me out with those measurements. Off to shop for shoes now XD
    6. No problem, and by the way the arch of the foot, incase you needed that. Is about 2 cm. :]

      Hope you enjoy your boy when he gets here, he's going to be lucky, mine STILL doesn't have shoes. xD!
    7. LOL! I was actually thinking of asking you what shoes your boy wears because most sites I go to (that show measurements for their shoes) have shoes that are too small for the H.Kirill dolls >_>;

      I know some sites like dollmore say their MSD shoes are 3cm in width but people who have bought from them state otherwise (seems the size of the shoes is never quite the same), but I dunno if I want to waste money in buying shoes unless I know they'll fit my doll's feet XD