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DoC & n-dolls

Oct 10, 2007

    1. hello! so many things has changed since i've been away... so did i. i was so sure which doll do i want as a first (and perhaps only one), but now i'm so confused! as more i look as more i get mixed up- they are all so beatifiul, they are actually the beaty! but i've got a question: could the head from doc, si, suit the n-doll body miru? i'm just trying to creat my perfect only favorite girl:) not sure if i'm already close enough....
    2. My guess is the DOC head would look too big on the very slender N-doll body.
    3. I think N-doll's measurements are the following:

      height: 41 cm
      head: 15.3cm (6 inches)
      neck: 6.7cm
      chest: 15.5cm
      waist: 12cm
      hip: 18cm
      foot: 5.5cm

      This shows that N-doll is shorter and slimmer than most minis. Also N-doll's neck is slimmer than the neck of most minis.

      Dream of Doll immature minis (DOC) have these measurements:

      Dream of Doll female: (thanks to twotone)
      Height: 41cm
      Head: 18 cm (7 inch)
      Neck: 7.3 cm
      Chest: 18.6 cm
      Waist: 15 cm
      Hips: 18.5 cm
      Foot length: 5.2 cm

      Their head size may look big on an N-doll. Their heads fit a 7.4cm neck.

      I have also never seen a resin comparison of DOC and N-Doll. The resin colors may be very different.

      This is a comparison between Narindolls Narae and Dream of Doll Bee-A. Narae has a 6.5 inch head, Dream of Doll has a 7-inch head. N-doll's head is smaller than Narae's, and N-doll's body is slimmer than Narae's.


      I have seen DOD mini heads on more mature bodies, but not a body as small as N-doll's.

    4. N-dolls are smaller than Narindolls, so I really think that it would look disproportionate.

      Sorry for the bad news!

      -- A <3
    5. thank you, everyone! especially carolyn, for such a detailed answer! i guess you are all right. just i really like n-dolls body, but the face (miru) seems to me nothing special, but ma be i'm wrong, haven't seen her much around...
    6. There are a group of South Korean doll sculptors who I think all studied at Bimong's BJD sculpture school in South Korea. You have already looked at some of them.

      Narindolls - Bimong's own dolls http://www.dollfair.com/
      Limhwa - http://www.limhwa.com/
      N-Doll - http://n-dolls.com/
      Supia Doll - http://www.supiadolls.com/index.html

      You might want to look at any you haven't looked at already.

      Some very interesting threads to look through:

      Narae 43cm has many different faces, and many different faceups since they are all custom.
      Discussion: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165907
      Database: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44543

      Unoa Hybrid thread (Unoa faces on various bodies and headbacks)

      Another popular mature mini is Minifee.
      CP (Luts) Minifee (aka Mini fee, aka MNF) database:

    7. it's funny, nearly all dolls i like are made by the artists from the same school! thank you for more links. already checked all, thinking....