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DoC U question (face up/fullset) <3

Aug 13, 2007

    1. Hello world! :]

      I'm thinking of getting my second and third doll soon (or...the heads anyway)
      a DoC U, and a DoC Leya.

      So, I convinced my mom to get me a Leya for Christmas (she likes the head mold, loves the eyes, and knows if I get her she can play with her xD Mommy likes lolita-looking dolls ALOT) and I'm getting a U with my babysitting money...
      So, I was looking at dolls, because before U, I wanted a Yen. I looked at the FULLSET U. And I reeeeeeeeeeeally liked it. So I desied I wanted a U instead of Yen XD Then, I looked at normal U, and noticed how differnt the heads look, sooo, I looked at jus the head, and it looked like I serously couldn't pull of doing my own faceup and making it look simaler to the Fullset (I like how the lips are(how they look thiner), and everything else XD)

      So, I desied I'd get a faceup U, but, I'm only buying the HEAD, I know you can buy face up for those, but you need to pick color, or defalt, defalt is prolly the face up used in the regualr (non fullset) U, so which face up is in the FullSet??? Or is it only if you buy the fullset?

      Thanks bunches!

      (PS, I REEEEEEALY didn't know where this one goes, I didn't really think it had a differnt place >_<'''')

      ~Yako and Arisu
    2. Ah..one more thing, how long does DoD take to make just heads xD Longer or shorter then full dolls?
    3. I don't know if it takes them longer to make heads or whatnot, I've only bought full dolls from them...It may say in the description somewhere if you're looking at the page for just the head. I would guess that it takes less time since its a mere head verses full body, so there's less parts to gather and whatnot...but you want a face-up, and those take about a week (just to warn ya ~_^)

      As for how face-ups work with DoD, I believe they do go with the regular doll's face-up (rather than a fullset version, though I never noticed that they were different, and I have 3 DoD's! o_O; ) And with the other colors, they just change the color of the defaul face-up (the one in the actual doll's pictures) and use that same style. For example, I got a Si and ordered the brown face-up, he still has a TON of blushing on his cheeks and such, its just a brown tone rather than pink. Also, they'll do ANY "default" face-up you want on any doll (ex, if you like Kirill's face-up but wanted to order a Yen, shoot them an e-mail telling them so).

      So...you may just want to choose "default"... If there's a place for comments when you check out, request that they do the fullset's make-up rather than the regular one (I don't remember if there is or isn't, its been a while since I've ordered from them). If not, just shoot them an e-mail with your order number and explain, in the simpliest terms you can (their enlgish is pretty good, but not fantastic ^^; ), what exactly you'd like them to do.

      Heheh, sorry this is so long, I just love to run my mouth, so to speak. ^^;;
      Good luck with your dollies, and I hope this helped!
    4. Oki doki ^_^

      Thank you very much! I think that the full set is lighter, I dunno...I just loked at pics side by side, and they look close...eh, who knows ^_^ I'll rememver to do that! Thank you VERY VERY VERY much!!

      haha, I do too, thus why the post doesn't just get to thew point xD Thanks again!
    5. No worries. The differences in color could just be that the lighting was different in the photos, but you never know.

      Good luck ^_^
    6. I'm betting you have to specify makeup in the "Rrequest" (yeah I've pointed that out and they still don't fix it, rofl) part of your order, because there is no way to choose it on the catalog page. I am sure they would accommodate you if you said "Can you please do the makeup like the fullset U?"

      Of course, you can't pay them right away, they will probably want the $50 or whatever it costs and have to send you a new invoice. Personally, rather than pay DOD for my Yen girl's faceup, I paid half their price to comicbookartistboi and he made her gorrrrrrgeous, lol. DOD's default faceups really aren't worth it if you have any faceup skills or have people around you who do, lol, at least in my opinion.
    7. Well, the only probelm is, is that I'm not 18...so I live with mom (I'm under 15) so, she and dad are a LITTLE (alot) over protective, and I'm sure mom would FLIP if I said "Hey mom, can I send my $120 head off to some one online to do a face up for me?' XD I shall do that then! kya, i can't wait to get new a new girl and boy xD Thanks much!
    8. ROFL. No, I had CBAB do it when we were at a convention together, so I never mailed my girl off XD The only one who can take my dolls out of my sight for extended periods is KeyofTwilight and he has done another doll's faceup for me, so I understand. S'why I said find someone in your area if you can. Good luck with the faceup, just to note: Use VERY simple English. They're not that great with it, so just be super simple, say "I would like to request the makeup seen on Fullset U, please!" and they will probably say "Yes we will do that for $__" (whatever it is) and you'll be set. ^_^
    9. I have a fullset U and my friend has a regular U and their face-ups are in fact a bit different. But it could also be an issue of time as we got our dolls a year apart as well. So you may want to try asking them if you can get the fullset face-up as I have no idea what color face-up the fullset is. Though granted, each face-up is always slightly different, even if it is the same default one as they say that it won't always look exactly like the picture. I've seen various people get default face-ups on the same doll yet each one look quite different.
    10. I'm thinking of getting one too.