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DOD and Dollism Plus 3

May 7, 2008

    1. From the site...
      - About Pre-order and Dollism Plus 3 -


      D.O.D. is going to take part in Dollism Plus 3 in HongKong on 12th July, 2008(Saturday).

      Last year, we joined in Dllism plus 2, we showed our Black Ducan to the customers who took part in the event.

      As last year, we're planning to show our fantastic doll for customers in order to enjoy the Dollism Plus 3.

      And we're planning to take pre-order from customers who want to join and receive their dolls and goods in Dollism event.

      In this case, the customers don't have to pay for the shipping fee.

      D.O.D. will cover the shipping expenses for customers.

      The period of Pre-order is from May 12th to June 12th.

      The customers can choose all dolls and goods except dolls in Collection and limited category and some goods are out of stock (but not all.)

      The customers who want Pre-order, send us the Pre-order Form via email or

      Q&A board. ( Our email address is hoo933@empal.com )

      If you click 'here', you can download the Pre-order form file.

      (We won't accept cancellation request of customers who ordered dolls and goods till May 11th, who wanted to receive their parcel in Hong Kong .
    2. UPDATE!

      Regarding participation in Dollism plus 3

      Hello~ ^o^

      It's getting hotter and hotter.

      In these days, we want to go swimming in the sea like a mermaid.. o(>0<)0 haha (sorry...)

      We'd like to announce that we're going to participate in Dollism plus 3 on July 12.

      In order to participate in there, we have to stay in Hongkong from July 11 to 14.

      During that time, we can't send reply for your mail and reply for your message on Q&A board.

      Of course, there's no problem about an order and you can leave a message and send mail to us.

      But we can't reply about that right away.

      Please keep this point in mind.

      And we're preparing a fantastic doll for the auction at Dollism.

      We'd like to show the doll ASAP. You can see the doll (he or she?) shortly. ^>^

      Thank you so much for your interst in our dolls.


      - Dream of Doll -