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DOD Collection Leya!!!

Jul 6, 2006

    1. Now when i least have money all the companies release dolls i'm dying to own... So is anyone bringing this little beauty home?
      And does anyone know how many of the DOD collection dolls are released of one type?
      Gah :...(
    2. I have no idea how many Leya's there will be, but I'm definitely going to try to get one. I have the same problem - everybody is coming out with new dolls or fullsests I REALLY want, or running some great sale or whatever ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It's like... torture!
    3. OH! She's soo cute!:D But that dress is what really wins me over....I want!! I want!!:(
    4. I know.. The dress kills me with all the cuteness... I'm so in love with that cut, and the little cuffs *squee* it's just perfect :D
    5. OOOO, leya is adorable...i dont kno to much about the dod collection but the max ive seen i 2 of the same type, being too and bee a........
      leya's alice outfit = <3
    6. I think she is sooo cute too :)
    7. Wow. I'm out of the loop. Anyone got a link to this DOD Leya? I've never even heard of her, and went looking for her on the DreamofDoll website, but couldn't find her..
    8. Love that outfit. And she's pretty cute too.
    9. The "Collection" dolls are all really pretty (I like Twing-key!) and have cute outfits, but are they expensive or what. o__o Guess the extra is for the Collection face-up and the outfit/shoes?
    10. It kills me that they cost more than another limeted doll like... Duncan lets say?
      But still, so cute XD
      I guess it really is the outfits that win me over though n.n
    11. I think it's absolutely outrageous how expensive they are... but I'm still trying for her anyway. EEEEErgh, I can't afffffordddd this.

      EDIT LATER: Whoa. When I said they were expensive, I was thinking $550. $790???????? My DoT fullsets were only like $740 AFTER shipping. NO FREAKING WAY. I was there when she came up for sale, but I passed on her. *sob*
    12. I luv her the BEST!!