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DOD doll Si

Jun 11, 2010

    1. Does he really not come with his hair or outfit!? T-t that's bascially a $500 total for a human shaped piece of resin!! Is it true!?
    2. Yyyyyyyyep.
    3. Well, Si is listed at 309$, not 500$ as you said. Though if you want to include a wig, eyes and clothes yes it would probably come up to around 500$.But 300$ is the common price for nude MSD sized dolls. BJDs are expensive, that's something you have to acknowledge in this hobby ;) Makes you think twice before hitting the buy now button doesn't it? :lol:
    4. And if you want the face-up, you'll have to order it seperately and adding it up to the cost. And dont forget the shipping fees ;3

      MagnaStorm I beg to differ on the '$3oo is the common price for nude MSD dolls', they are alots of msd dolls below $3oo ;3
    5. Good point BulletBANQ, I guess I should correct myself. the cheapest (in price only! The dolls are really great) msds I've seen so far have to be the bobobie/resinsoul ones for around 140$, so I guess we could say that their prices ranges from around 140$ to proximately 300$? Every companies prices are different, it just happened that I've been looking at a lot of msds around the 300$ price range, which lead me to my first estimate. Sorry!
    6. It's okay, I'm just sayin' :) And yes, I have a BBB and RS dolls and they are great for their prices, so beautiful too XD I think it's safe to say it's from $1oo even to $1ooo[like Volks/Unoa/rare ones] XD
    7. oh yeahhhh, I keep forgetting about unoas especially! So lovely, yet soooo expensive ;-;
    8. Uhhh yeah, luckily although I like them, I dont feel inclined to buy them.

      Anyway, animefocused I would suggest the marketplace cause the dolls mostly for sale there is cheaper, so maybe you could find a Si with clothing/wig inluded for a cheaper price rather then getting it directly from DOD. But since you dont have marketplace access yet, it's not possible for it now >w<