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DoD Gender Bending...

Jun 18, 2006

    1. it's such a nusiance that DoD doesn't switch genders, when I feel that some of their boys are rather feminine looking (which I actually like in male dolls, but I'm interested more in a girl doll right now) and would look darling as a girl. But that's just a segue into what I was going to say (I've been dying to use the word segue XD) which was that I feel like if I were to buy the head of a boy doll and a girl's body, I'd still kinda feel ripped off because of the fact that zee boy doll originally comes with a nice bag and eyes and a wig, but the head and body come with nuttin'.

      So anyway, that's just my whine-fest...does anyone know why they no longer switch genders? Thanks :D
    2. most likely because they got to many people who wanted to switch bodies
      and hardly any company's switch bodies anyway
    3. makes sense. But they DO switch the tender zen's body...>.< hmmm...

      thanks for the response :)
    4. I guess they only do ten zen because it was part of the orginal idea
      none of the other dolls ever had the option of gender switching but they might have done it at times(when they were less buzy)
    5. I asked the webmaster about switching a Tender Bee-A onto a boy's body once, and he said he could check the availability for me.

      I would e-mail them and *ask*.
    6. I asked the webmaster about switching a Tender Bee-A onto a boy's body once, and he said he could check the availability for me.

      I would e-mail them and *ask*.
    7. I've emailed them with the idea before but I don't think they're really too keen with it right at this point.

      The best thing I could think of is to find someone who's ordering a girl and see if they would happen to want to switch boy bodies with you. I'm trying to figure that out for my Yen girl that I want.

      Good luck though :)
    8. You could always buy the boy you want and trade bodies here on DOA?
      But That's just a suggestion. I see a lot of bodies floating around the marketplace >.>
    9. If you buy a head and body as parts, the do come with eyes and a bag. At least they did when I built my T. Too girl last year. They even assembled her for me before shipping.
    10. Glyndon, did they really do that? I've heard about them doing that for you but when I emailed to ask them, they told me that they didn't. Am I missing something here?
    11. ah, thanks for all the replies, they're really helpful :) I thought this board died XD
    12. they MIGHT trow in extra's
      but not always, so don't expect anything else, maybe you get lucky
    13. "Dear Molly,

      Could you please order YEN and email us saying you want girl body with it?
      That way is better ^^ and you will get accessories as well.


      Oh WOW! Does that mean that they actually do it now? They'll send the boy head with a girl body, along with the bag, eyes, etc? oooo...anyone have any comments about this?
    14. Necroing for relevance.

      Any idea if they do gender swap or not?
    15. I ordered my doll as option parts because I wanted to do a gender swap. They assembled for me, gave me eyes, and gave me a set of option hands, and she came in the normal DOT box with the little booklet and everything. (No wig, though.) It was actually pretty nice. o_o I didn't mind not getting a wig because I wouldn't have used any of the DOT default wigs anyway.
    16. I would just do that, but Ducan doesn't have an option part head (and I'm a bit pratial to that wig he has. I'll probably e-mail them eventually to see just in case. (I don't want to go through the hassle of finding someone to do a split and all that.)
    17. Pulling this back up once more. I'm still trying to figure out if the do swap genders. I can't seem to get a reply from emails, so anyone know for sure?
    18. It's worth a shot. :)

      Make sure you post the answer.
    19. Whoops; Double post. ><;;
    20. Oh I will. I just hope DOD will be all, email! You shall be answered now. ><