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DoD Gets "Patpal?"

Dec 5, 2005

    1. Awww~

      "Hello~ this is Dream of Doll

      Regrettably credit card transaction is still not available.
      This is for something else other than changing WorldPay ID,
      there were some misunderstanding with WorldPay.
      Therefore only way you can purchase our doll is bank remittance.
      We are reviewing PatPal as another payment method, and going to contact them.
      We are very sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this matter has caused you.

      Another thing, though it is our usual practice to delivery items
      well in advance of the promised delivery date, currently we have delays in delivery.
      We are very sorry to those customers have been waiting for long time.
      We apologise once again for these unfortunate delays
      and we assure you that we are doing all we can to speed delivery."

      Yay! Patpal! ^-^;;
    2. huahaahah Patpal! Awww cute mistake *___*
      Hm, that's nice if they list it as an opition, people will like it and more people will buy!
    3. It's good they're gonna have paypal as an option now! I wanted to order things from them before, but I was shaky about the whole payment thing.
    4. I guess they will allow paypal for everything ecept dolls
      as paypal does have the rule that if you don't get your item within a month you can get your money back
      but it would be great for wigs and clothes
    5. I think they are still going to do it with dolls anyways it's just a matter of being trustworthy, I'm sure there are other companies using paypal regardless of the fact about the 1 month thing.
    6. the problem is dod has waiting times of at least 6 weeks, most of the time 7 or 8 weeks

      while most stored have waiting times of less than a month

      I would be afraid that people would get sick of waiting and then use paypal to get their money back and buy another doll from a diffirent company
    7. Hmmm... I hope they do get paypal.. that beats wire transfer if they don't have CC...

    8. I wonder when the Paypal transaction will become effective? Do we have to pay transaction fees for bank remittance?
    9. Again, it's a matter of being trustworthy. I order non-doll stuff from another company that has a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks and they use paypal. (Granted, for the most part, orders from that company don't reach the price of a doll...)
    10. I'm looking forward to PayPal, then I can start buying some DoD stuffs. ^^
    11. I saw that. It's a good move. Paypal is useful.
    12. This is so exciting. :)
    13. Do you guys think they'll still require payment authorization if they swith over to paypal? I hope not! That's how my last order with them got cancelled. I would think paypal has better protection against fraud for companies than Worldpay.

      DollHeart uses paypal and it makes everything soooo much simpler.