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DOD have some new shoes up!

Oct 22, 2004

    1. I ordered the beige one..And last night i ordered my first dod girl,Leya..Yippie!!
    2. Thanks for the heads-up! ^_^ I bought two pairs of the snow boots and a pair of sports shoes, and threw in a pair of eyes while I was at it. XD

      Congrats on your new Leya, I would love to see photos when she arrives! ^__^
    3. Dang! I can't order anything until I have my dolls body here! :( I want a cute pair of DOD shoes and a wig that I saw that I adore. Does DOD take Paypal? Maybe I can sneak in a tight order today from whats left in my paypal account...At least for the shoes. ^-^;;

    4. oooooooo thanks for the note... gonna pop by and take a peek.. cheers :daisy
    5. Nope, they take only bank wire, or credit card via Worldpay.
    6. Anyone want to order just shoes? I only want one beige pair and nothing else from the site. Would be cheaper to combine with someone! PM me!
    7. they dont take paypal, but you can use paypals virtual creditcard numbers thats what i did..just check under withdraw at the paypal site :)very easy to use
    8. Whaaa, those are so cute. I wish they had them in black, I'd so order a pair.
    9. Argh, by the time I saw this post, they were all sold out of the beige pairs. :(

      I wish they had them in lighter colors, like some of the cute fake Ugg boots I keep seeing.
    10. group orders are great on there. My friends and I ordered 9 pairs and it only came to like $70 with shipping :D