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DOD items NEW HANDS!!!! Dec 4, 2004 12:30am est

Dec 4, 2004

    1. Damn you, Christmas! Tying up all my money like this! ;O;

      Ah, well... if it were a more gothy outfit I really would be flipping out. xD;
    2. I just ordered the white angel outfit for my dolls. I was so shocked that it was in stock when I randomly went to their website (I was bored), that I went ahead and paid for it before looking to see if there was anything else I wanted.

      Thus, Absynthe and Rosiel will have their Christmas present, and I get to start from scratch on saving for a new head for Saori. Saori already has a head though, so I'm not that disappointed ;) I'd much rather have the outfit for my babies!
    3. Oh, I ALMOST got those boots. They'd be perfect. But I'd need two pairs and shipping for just one bumps the price up to just barely under $50. I just have to hope that I'll get lucky again someday. ^^;
    4. I know... I saw them and was all "MINE" and then saw the shipping and changed my mind...
    5. Since we're on the subject of shipping atm ... I thought I'd add that the shipping for the white angel outfit brought the whole shabang up to about $90. It's bloody expensive, but it's worth it! (Those shoes better come with the outfit! They don't have "outfit doesn't include shoes" like they do with their other outfits)
    6. If you check the Korean site , there is a new boy body for sale too..but not on the english site, as well as more hands...i wonder if they are going to put the new boys up soon...*runs to check the piggybank..* I want the white kitty as a girl...with the same wig...now if they could only make one with pointy ears..i'd be in heaven..:)
    7. Bump for NEW HANDS!!!! XD!!!
    8. oh crap..the boys will be up today..too..omg..where is that money tree...
    9. The new DoD boy body is up on the site now for... $20? Is that for real? Heck, if it's not an error, I'm hella ordering it right now. XD;;;;
    10. I know, right? :? :? :?
    11. The new hands are so cute! Your doll can play rock, paper, sizzors.. I also love the pinky promise one. They're all so expressive! =D

      As for the new boy body, I personally think the $20 is a mistake! I think it is supposed to be $200.

      :daisy Wonton
    12. It is, they've fixed it ^_^
    13. This is fun to watch. XD
      Now will they fix the Bonus Store Credit for Mir next? *dramatic music*
    14. It's a little weird being able to watch them update the page .. XDD

      I really want Yoo !! T_T

      ......and all their wigs. :B
    15. LOL!!!! Dude!!!

      Did that just changed to be wrong or has it been that way?
    16. My Ice Princess Soo may just be put on hold depending on how much I like these boys. I wish they would stop coming out with new things to give me a chance to buy the older ones x_x :oops:
    17. *bored while waiting*
    18. I have to invest in one of the new dolls in the future with hand4. XD

      I want those new boots SO bad. I'm sure they'll go out of stock soon, but I hope they come back... in a longlonglongggg time when I have money. Hahaha
    19. It looks like they've improved the wrist joints!!