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DoD makeup reference page

Jun 24, 2005

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    1. EDIT: Dream of Doll Makeup Reference Page

      Here's a list of what's still needed for the site:
      • [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif][/FONT][FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]
        [*]Bee-A - brown, light brown, orange
        [*]Elf Ivan - any
        [*]Elf Kirill - any
        [*]Homme Ivan - brown, light brown, pink, peach, orange
        [*]Homme Kirill - any
        [*]Hoo - light brown, peach, pink, orange
        [*]Leya- brown, light brown, peach, orange
        [*]Mir - default, light brown, pink, orange
        [*]Petsha - [FONT=Verdana,sans-serif]brown, light brown, peach, pink, orange[/FONT]
        [*]Pitts - default, brown, light brown, peach, orange
        [*]Si - brown, light brown, peach, orange
        [*]Tender Bee-A - light brown, peach, orange
        [*]Tender Too - orange
        [*]Tender Twing-key - any
        [*]Tender Yen - brown, peach, pink, orange
        [*]Tender Zen - peach, orange
        [*]Too - light brown, peach, pink, orange
        [*]Twin-B - any
        [*]Twing-key - brown, peach
        [*]U - peach, pink, orange
        [*]Wi - light brown, peach, pink, orange
        [*]Yen - peach, pink, orange
        [*]Zen - brown, light brown, peach, pink, orange
      I'm looking for headshots that clearly show off your doll's un-altered DoD makeup. It's important that the pics show makeup as it was received from DoD, without any additional customization. If you'd like to contribute, send your pics to paperwrapsrock@yahoo.com along with the following info:

      1) filename of attached pic or URL I can nab the pic from - so I know which info goes with which doll if you're sending in pics of multiple dolls

      2) type of DoD your doll is - I'm not so good at recognizing the different dolls on sight yet

      3) makeup color - what color IS that, anyway?!

      4) name of your doll

      5) your name/nickname/however you'd like it listed on the site

      6) email and/or website addy - so I can link to you if you'd like me to

      Thanks very much for your help! ^_^
    2. It's a great idea!
    3. I think CacauBR's DOD Int. Union is good enough ^_^;; They often have the faceup type listed, and it shouldn't take soo~ long.
      But, otherwise, I'd donate, except my Si is cusotmized o_o
    4. I'd be willing to donate.... once my boy got here.
    5. Yes!!! There absolutely has to be one. Hopefully one day there will be pictures of all the DoD's will all the makeup options for each one. I personally find it very frustrating to find pictures of each color, and though the International Union is great, it doesn't quite fulfil my needs.
    6. I think this would be a really good idea. My U has the brown makeup option, so I can give you pics of that. ^^
    7. I'll donate the old pics of Choco. She is a Mir, peach color.
    8. I'd show you guys light brown, but Rinlocke isn't coming for like 4-5 more weeks. XD
    9. Great idea! :D
      I can't contribute because I'm not getting a Dod at the moment (who knows what the future holds, though...)
      I think that something like this would be really useful! It's just what I wanted when I was trying to compare what the different makeup colour options looked like.
    10. For a buyer-to-be, this would be incredibly helpful. INCREDIBLY. I'd adore a page like this, and I've been searching everywhere for some good examples.
    11. It would be an awesome reference especially for those not planning on getting a DOD for a long time because those people can't join the DOD Union.
    12. Yes, please! I wound up choosing the 'default' makeup option because I didn't know what the others looked like (or even which one the 'default' was!) -- if I'd had a reference sheet, it would have been really helpful!

      -- Andi (I don't have my dolls yet, but I'll send photos when I do!)
    13. Since there seems to be interest, I'll work on putting the reference page together. I've edited my original post to list the info I need if you'd like to contribute. :daisy
    14. The page is up! Only pics of one doll up so far...send in your submissions and I'll get them added.
    15. this is a cool idea ^-----^
      im planning to get a DOD bee-a (my friend will get the too) so it`ll be fun and useful---
      i will contribute once i get one...*waits for the 9weeks of shipping*
    16. You won't need pictures of default makeup option, will you?
    17. Pics of default makeup are welcome! It's always useful to have a picture to compare with the pic available on DoD's site. For example, the default Tender Toos and Tender Bee-As I've seen up for auction on Yahoo Japan look somewhat different from the pics on Dream of Doll's website.
    18. A few more dolls have been added--here's the current count:

      Leya: 1
      Mir: 1
      Si: 2
      Too: 1
      U: 2
      Yen: 1
    19. That's a great idea! I was wondering about the make-up myself... Emera directed me to your makeup reference site even though it's just started.

      I'll submit pics of Wi default after it comes... >_< in... 8 or 9 weeks? ^^;;
    20. I'll send in my Tender Too and Bee-A default pics when they arrive -- should be within a few weeks, now!!

      -- A :>