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DoD New Dolls won't be out until OCTOBER.

Sep 29, 2005

    1. That's right. Today I received an email from them when I inquired about the price.... it said:

      Dear customer
      Thank you for your mail,
      sorry, the price of bigger dolls are not decided yet,
      one girl and two boys are getting ready to be born,
      we think we will show them to public on October :)

      So now our wait is even longer.
    2. What? :o NOOOOOOOOO!
    3. I know. -_-
    4. NO! I want to see them NOW :(
    5. Luckily, I've been distracted by Gomi dolls. :grin:
    6. Oh, snap.

      Chill, everyone. They're just making their product the best it can be : D
    7. It just shows how much we love love love DOD, is all. It's a compliment.
    8. That's not too bad. I'd be more freaked out if they said 'November' or 'December'.

      Looking forward to seeing these new boys and girl.
    9. Well, MY DoD T.Too is on the way, so fussing with things for him and buying a new Gomi head will keep me distracted until the new kids come out! :chibi
    10. snap indeed. even though i'm not a huge fan of dod i've been checking they're website everyday because i'm curious.
    11. Well, Saturday is October....

      *I know, wishful thinking :lol: *
    12. ... yeah, but this is DoD. "October" = "Halloween release". ^^;;;;

    13. o.o DOD wants me to die.........
    14. Well I wish they'd changed their website to tell us this :/
    15. Hmm, well, I could deal with a Halloween theme. *thinks positive*
    16. wow.. i'm not gonna complain though. They told us one girl and two boys! now we sort of know what to expect! so fabulous.. i really can't wait.. *waits patiently* :grin:
    17. ...wow...two boys...and a girl...I wonder what they'll be like? lol Though I suppose having real pictures to taunt us and not being able to get them would be worse. lol
    18. .....koreans have halloween? :? Someone should probibly tell the DOD topic in Larger dolls...(or was it general discussion?) I dont check news as much as larger/ mini dolls. IS FANTASTIC that we know there will be two boys and a girl.... For some reason i see one being a older version of hoo.... LOL
    19. Thanks for the info! And now we know what is coming: one girl and two boys :daisy