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DOD New Paypal Address

Jan 7, 2008

    1. This was posted on DOD:

      Hello this is Dream of Doll,

      We have a new paypal address you can use !

      Please do not use previous one and use this new one ^^

      Thanks ^^~


      However, I am not sure if this means that they will be accepting Paypal payment for here on or just for the orders placed in Dec. (as originally mentioned in the Dec Event).

      For those who have been trying to pay for their orders with Paypal and have not been successful. Please use the new address so you can get your orders confirmed.
    2. They are accepting PayPal payment from here on. ^_^
    3. I placed an order with DoD last week and I used Paypal. The payment was confirm a few hours later. It seems that if you pay using Paypal you won't need to send them a copy or your CC or ID.