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DoD now has optional heads of all the dolls for sale

Sep 30, 2005

    1. I was just checking out the Dream of doll site and noticed that you can now seperatly purchase all the DoD heads.
    2. :D Mo's gonna be so happy - she's always wanted a Yen girl!

      ... must resist boy!Pitts!
    3. Yes, this is awesome news!~ :D
    4. Woohoo!!!
      I'll definately be getting a Pitts soon, I wonder how well the resin would match a dollmore body.

    5. This is very very good news. >:)
    6. Holy sh...-yay!! Now I don't have to open the eyes of a Tender Too! I can get my Too Girl :grin:
    7. Wow that's nice :D even if that will be my ruin! :crushed
    8. So if I bought a head (and ordered makeup) then ordered a girl body it would work out cheaper?

      Unless I'm looking at this wrong x_x;
    9. What are the advantages on buying the full set now?
    10. This is great news T_T! I really want a TOO doll, but they only sell him with BEE-AS (not that i dont want her, but i dont have the money...)

      and before, they only had tender-too's head for sale.

      I'm so happy now =D!
    11. Well, I guess this will make all of the people who wanted a doll but haven't bought one happy, and the rest of us who did already not as happy. I know it makes me not want to buy from them again. Since it just reduced the value of the couple DoD's that I own.

      Just my opinion as a collector.
    12. Um, if you buy a whole doll it comes with eyes, a carying case and (except for Too and Bee-A, who are such a great deal anyway) a wig. I really don't think your dolls have gone down in value. :oops:

    13. by the way.. eyes on the too & bee-a couples are acylic unlike the others...
      She might have meant gone down in value as she might be planning to sell them?
      Since before this to obtain either Too or Bee-a you had to buy the couple...now there's a seperate price for each.

      Though i dont think owning dolls should be a money issue...but i see where it comes from...if not would be a little unhappy myself.

      and now its $275 instead of $295.
    14. I think buying the full doll from them is still a better deal. I mean for $20 more you get the DoD bag (which I adore to pieces), eyes, and a wig. Where else are you going to get all three of those for a mere $20? Though I shouldn't have gone to their page...I've got Twing-key love like woah ever since they got those new pictures up. They're so much more flattering for her than the old ones were.

      No...no more minis...bodies for the currently floating heads...then maybe Sakaki...or Cecile.

      I should just block the DoD page for the time being. lol
    15. Well, it is still cheaper to buy Too and Bee-A as a pair. Seperately it's $275 each while together it's $199 each, so I don't see how they could have gone down in value.

      I figured HouseofIsis just paniced without thinking it through and there's really nothing to be worried about (at least by my math).

      :oops: Just trying to be reassuring here!
    16. didn't panic, just was reading the posts and going by what they said. And I hadn't the time yet to go to the site and do all the calculations. I've just been collecting stuff for way too long, and have seen some companies mess over their customers by selling things as limited when they weren't, that sort of thing

      I do appreciate the responses. As much as I love my dolls, I can not forget that they were not inexpensive, and like everyone else, would hate to lose that money that I have spent on them.

      What is interesting is that given DoD's difficulty in getting the dolls made quickly, why they would want to expand what they sell? Did they hire more people? Get a bigger facility? It is curious.
    17. I'm happy about because I was waiting long time for a second Pitts head to customize by myself, and buy a whole doll again was an expensive way...

      I don't think that they got less worth now. A lot of companies Luts, Leeke, PF sell their doll parts separately and people still buying whole dolls from them.

      I hope that they hire more people now that comes new dolls and has put all the heads on sale because the waiting time for a doll is already a hell and surely they will get more orders now. :daisy