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DOD Order Question .. Help anyone?

Sep 30, 2004

    1. I placed an order with DOD and paid for it but have not heard from them.. I emailed them 2 times but no reply.. Does anyone know about how long it takes to get a confirmation email from them?? Any help is greatly appreciated..
      Thanks a bunch.
      Gloria :daisy
    2. The confirmation email comes usually after they have received the money for your order .Make sure when you send it that your bank specifies exactly how much DOD is supposed to receive from you .I had no problem with my DOD order but another bank in Korea alledgedly didn't received the right amount - turned out they took an " extra" commission on the amount - and my seller was not aware of it .
      So once you've sent the money it should take no more than 5 to 7 days .After that ,DOD will send a confirmation of the order .It takes then between 2 to 4 weeks to hear from them again - it will be to let you know that your order is on its way .
      Good luck and enjoy !
    3. Right now DOD is on holiday for Korean thanksgiving lolz check the topic on the main site. That might be why you've had no replied yet

    4. Hmmmmm I didn't see anything on the site about Korean Thanksgiving.. I will go look again.. I paid by credit/debit card and my bank said it went through. So just need to hear from DOD with confirmation.. I also thought they took paypal but when I did my order there was no option for paypal.. Is it on a different order page or something??

      Thanks everyone for your help....
      Gloria :daisy
    5. Hello, it's D.O.D.
      From this saturday(25th) til next Wednesday, we will have Korean traditional thanksgiving
      season, since all public institution will be in holidays, we won't be able to send any of goods during these days.
      Please consider this before you make your order :)
      Thank you our customers all the time,have a happy autumn!
    6. they do not take paypal
    7. I only get as far as the address confirmation page, and when I click okay, I get stuck on the connecting to secure server page.... I've tried everything....even turning off my pop up blocker....
      can you help??? I've tried more than five times now!!! :(