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DOD orders.

Jan 27, 2005

    1. I had some things in my "wish list" on Dream of Doll website.. and I went back tonight to order them and pay etc.. and now theya re not available!

      I was going to buy (along with some other stuff).. the blank heads for Si Wi Hoo and U - they had them for $90... and now they are gone :(

      Is this normal.. will they be on offer again - or will I ahve to buy a complete doll?
      Any one know?

      One more Q.. I read in the FAQ's here that you need a shopping service to buy... cant I just "shop online with CC or PAypal"... I NEALY went that far the other night.. but up comes some funny payment thing and I dont know how to use it. Just seems like the home page to a payment service.. how can I pay DOD via that?
    2. you do not need a shopping service

      I've ordered from them direct 3 times. no problems. cept turn off and disable every single pop up stopper you have when you order.

      you pay via world pay

      the heads will come back in stock.
    3. Ohh goodie :) I will just keep saving and watching.

      So is this world pay a little like Paypal?
    4. you pay via a credit card. but it's good and easy. no worries
    5. Yeah, it's kinda like Paypal in that it takes your CC info for DOD, and transfers the money over.