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DOD Posing Problems

Nov 14, 2005

    1. As much as I adore her, I'm having some problems with my Twing-key.

      First of all, she came VERY tightly strung. I managed to loosen her up a bit just by stretching her out and holding it (of course, now her arms don't like to stay straight). However, I have a lot of problems posing her.

      She doesn't seem to enjoy standing very much. When I do stand her up, her torso has to be leaned forward, which isn't a natural position, and standing her with her feet together is... frustrating at times, and still she leans forward. She can sit with her legs dangling over the side of a table, but here she leans back.

      The thing is, I've seen some pictures of DOD dolls posed incredibly with nothing to support them. "Crawling", crouching, one foot in front of the other, kneeling on one knee... I want Dee to be capable of these things.

      I know I'm probably going to be told to restring/wire/suede her. And I know everyone is going to say, "It's so easy!", but I'm REALLY scared to do it (and there's no way in hell my parents would let someone else do it for me). I tried to take her apart once. Her ankle cap got stuck in another piece, and I almost DIED.

    2. How long ago did you get her, and how much have you actually played with her?
      You might need to be a bit rougher than you'd expect with her - a lot of the funky poses I've seen involved popping joints out and lots of bending dolls forward (ie: sitting cross legged) to REALLY stretch the elastic.
    3. I'm surprised at your troubles and sorry.

      My DoD (doc) pair could each stand straight out of the box.

      I find them easier to balance if their feet are turned in or out like a V shape. Neither can stand leaning forward to my knowledge.

      When you've got your girl all straight, start to set her down with one hand on her torso actually holding her, and one hand pushing down on her toes to give her a firm foundation on which to balance. You may be able to play with her balance a little, too.

      To sit up straight, the torso joint must be played with a bit, and they'll sit perfectly.

      Good luck.

      Ann in CT
    4. Try popping her knee joints so she's kneeling at night - that will help loosen the string a bit without restringing! Restringing is such a pain, unless you're really strong or you have a friend to help you. ^^;; I pinch my fingers...
    5. I can totally relate to being afraid of restringing when you just got your first doll. It took me 5 months to have the courage to take a doll apart. XD;;

      Just keep playing with her and she should loosen after awhile. ^^

      Oh and regarding the leaning back problem, I think it probably applies to all DODs. You'll have to push her straight up. If she still doesn't stay, I'd just say it's the tight stringing's fault.
    6. I think you should look for tips to loose her string...
      I have 2 dods and none have this kind of problems.... but, they ddi'nt come too tight.. so... that's probably the string o.o
      Re-string is not easy in my opinion, not at your first time... I had 2 people to help me XD
      But, after your frist try, it becomes easy... now I need no one, make it really fast!


    7. My Wi came really tightly strung and wouldn't stand on his own for love or money. The more I played with him though, the looser he got, and he poses well now, though he's still a lot stiffer than my U (which I bought second-hand). The leaning back issue is just a DOD thing. Dane has to be sitting just right before he'll sit up straight.
    8. I think my boy's stringing is pretty loose, but I'm a bit nervous to restring him by myself. I did wire him though, and I put a doubled up length of wire in his torso which helps him lean forward and sit up straight and the like.
    9. My sharmin gierl does that as well.
      YOU need to completly resrting her and if there is a nought in the arm section and the head section redo it completly.
      also i you still have that problem I find that if I put one of my girls feet flat on the ground and the other tilted slightly up she fits.
      and the reson that it goes so far back is probobly because its so tight.
      if yous till have trouble standing her afterworsd try pressing her leg forword at the joint.
    10. I definitely had problems with posing with my DoD Si.
      I can make him pose quite naturally however,
      If I take my time.
      At first he couldn't stand at all (not too well;;anyways;;)
      So when he *slept* during the night, I would make sure that he is ina not so straight position to loosen up the strings.
      Maybe that will help. ^-^
    11. I never had problems with Kel until I stretched his elastic too loose (I left him sitting cross-legged for two or so hours and afterwards had to tighten his elastic because he stopped being able to stand properly). *_* I also had to tighten his arm elastic after a few months...

      But since your girl is too tight, leave her sitting cross-legged (pop out the knee joints) for even just a couple hours and that should help solve the problem.

      When you sit her down on a table, you have to lean her torso joint forward so she'll sit up straight. DoD naturally lean back because of the curve of their backs.

      Also, a natural standing position is to have the feet shoulder's width apart, not together. If you've ever stood with your own feet together, it's very hard to keep balance. Standing her with her feet shoulder's width apart will allow her to balance, and save you some frustration.
    12. Wire, wire, wire.
    13. If you don't want to be too rough on your girl, her string will loosen in time. My Dylan was exactly the same when I first got him, jack-knifing forward whenever I tried to stand him up. Now, he's steady as a rock, and stands fine without the aid of wire or sueding. The only thing I did was leave him sitting in a chair at night, and within a few weeks he'd loosened up. Definitely the course I'd recommend if you don't want to fiddle with her too much.
    14. I just takes some time. It also took me awhile to get my Anya strung just right but now she stand on one foot in various positions, and she's not wired. Stringing is less intimidating once you start than it sounds, but it shouldn't be too hard to get your doll to loosen up over time without restringing.

      If it helps any, anya's hips have to be rolled back completely (so she's standing with her hips rolled a little foreward) in order for her to stand. It took me awhile to figure that out.

      Hope it improves soon!
    15. I own a DoDWi and I have to admit the posability is not great. I think in general DoD's don't allow for a wide range of poses...

      well-posed DoD's usually involve popping joints, as people mentioned, or even sneak-holding dolls in place while photographing xD And mine came REALLY tightly strung, so that's normal too. I wouldn't recommend loser stringing because your doll would probably flop and lose it's ability to stand. I'm sure yours can also stand in other ways.. just play around a bit more like I did ^^;;

      Good luck!
    16. If it helps any, I managed to get some more poseability out of the wrists by replacing the S hooks (which had previously been string) with a thin elastic tied really tight. She now has a little more wrist movement. I found that once i got used to her, I could get her to do all sorts of fun things and she isn't wired or sueded. It really just takes practice. Try the rolling the hips back all the way like i said before, and make sure her back is straight, then lean her a little foreward (through the ankles) and see if she stands that way.
    17. Yeah when I got kyran while he was well strung it was still kinda hard to pose him till I got used to how his joints and things move and his center of balance... So Just hang in there ^^ She'll come round soon enough
    18. Don't be afraid to "play rough" with her.
      I had Ichiiro sitting like SDC Kaede, and believe me, he was not made to do something like that. Also, does she have shoes? Ichiiro can stand on his own, but it's much easier with shoes. (Especially his boots, since they hold his ankles stiff.)

      Also, don't feel bad about not wanting to restring her. I've had Ichiiro over a year, and I still haven't fixed his broken hand.
    19. i agree with the stretching ideas. my too and bee-a came a bit tight, but not so bad that they would go into fetal position like my sister's shiwoo did. ^_^;; if you need your doll to stand in the meantime and you have the access to one, you can use a stand from the mattel teen trend dolls (yes, i know...not bdjs, but they are the right height for the job and they are clear ;-) ). even though mine can stand, i use the mattel stand when i want i'm outside because i'm a bit paranoid. ^_^;;
    20. my Shall wont stand, she just bends and flops over at the waste ive tried twisting her hips in all different direction even completely backwards with her feet facing foward.... Im at a loss. I have the lean her against stuff just to make her stand:( all the other joints are great. Ive moved and played with her alot the joints dont squeek anymore, I got her last thursday.