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DoD prepares PayPal

Dec 15, 2005

    1. This was added to the recent PayPal pop up which mentioned them reviewing it.

      Dear all DOD customers.

      We are preparing the acceptance of "PayPal" for your another payment method.
      We will make it soon, please pay attention.

      Thank you !!!


      I can't wait DoD! Thanks so much for this!
    2. Whee! That makes me so happy! I like paypal anyway ^__^
    3. Huzzah!!!! :D
    4. :D awesome!
      Speaking as one who doesn't own a credit card, that is great news...
      I was horribly worried that they were going to use some ridiculous company that made it hard to place international orders... phew!
      Paypal for the win!
    5. That's wonderful ^__^ I can't wait!
    6. Though I'm not likely to order from DoD unless I'm getting one of their lovely wigs, this realy is great news for all the DoD fans out there. It's wonderful of them to make ordering and paying easier for their customers.
    7. I just checked and DOD has replaced the old credit card button on the first page with a PAYPAL button! And it works!!! It actually links to Paypal!!!

    8. That's great news since the DOTs are supposed to be going on sale this weekend!
    9. I hope this will influence other companies to start accepting Paypal as an alternative payment method. n_n
    10. OMG!!!...its this weekend! I have been posting on Marketplace a "WTB Shall" post. I had completely forgotten about the 2nd release.

      Will regular skinned Shall be available too or is it only the tan versions?...Thanks
    11. great i need them to do that so i can get the dolll :D
    12. Tan dolls, for sure but we think it'll also be the regular dolls too.
    13. ~*Thank you Inkstone*~...is there an exact date and time they will go on sale?
    14. Haha, we thought it was today because that's what DoD told us in email but people have been camping out on the site all day and no sign yet! :( It might be tomorrow, but if they're still sorting out paypal and all that, we're not so much sure anymore. :(
    15. wait, i see the paypal button on the front page, but do they already have it working? cause i don't see it as an option on the check out? o_O >> confused << i'm so anxious to order my dolls... just waiting...
    16. I don't think it's ready just yet, they're just letting unfamiliars know what PayPal is. ^^
    17. do pay pal accept credit card? i wanna order my doll too..but with the using of credit...pls tell me they can...
    18. Yes they do ^^
    19. so now if i order can i use?
    20. you need to get a paypal account first
      and you have to attach your credit card to your paypal account
      everything should be mentioned on www.paypal.com