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DOD Shall--mixed feelings about her and DOD in general

Mar 18, 2006

    1. I am a bit disappointed in my Shall--I had to post. I finally opened the box (she's been sitting here for three weeks unopened) and she is not completely what I had hoped for. I can rescue her, but for the price I paid and the long wait I expected her to be perfect. The torso resin looks darker than the limbs and the head--is this because it's more solid? One arm is completely unsanded and the ball joints aren't sanded at all. The eyes are cheap acrylic in a muddy shade of green. I know they stated the eyes would be different, but that's smarmy in the first place. To show gorgeous glass eyes and substitute cheap acrylic ones is bait and switch, especially if you don't show the cheap plastic eyes you intend to put in the doll. The nose is a bit odd too, but I can modify that as well.

      Comparing her to my Rainy girls--well, I much prefer the service and quality control of Elf Doll. If they can do it--why can't DOD?? Elf doll seems to have their act together. I like the pinkish tone of DOD, and her body sculpt which is gorgeous, she'll make a great delicate pale blonde. I had planned on ordering some DOD kids, (Hoo and Si as a girl) but I'm hesitant now. I'll have to see how the seam sanding experience goes. I didn't realize how rough these seams were going to be! I just got my Volks Yuki and he only needs a little work on his hands, and he has just very fine lines, not huge crack like seams.

      I know I can turn her into a lovely doll, but I was just so shocked to see an entire arm unfinished. It's so unprofessional--I mean it's there staring at you as you package the doll--how can anyone feel happy about sending her out in that state? Like me selling a dress unhemmed. I just don't get it.

      I'm working on her this week and will post the pics of her finished next week--unlike any Shall you've seen before.

      Sorry to gripe--I know DOD has potential, but it's the little details that make an ordinary product a superior one. I do appreciate fine things and notice the difference.

    2. I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed in your purchase, but:

      1) Maybe the resin color difference is just with your doll. I received my Camine 2 or 3 weeks ago and he doesn't have this problem. Yes, the face is a bit darker than the body but that's because it's blushed.
      2) DOD dolls don't come sanded anymore. They haven't since the beginning of the year. It looked to me like only parts of my doll were unsanded, but he just had very, VERY faint seams (couldn't even see them in some places).
      3) They tell you on the site that your doll will come with random acrylic eyes. They tell you up front that all you can get is acrylic- they won't substitute with glass even if you go out of your way and request. What the picture shows you is irrelevent- you need to read the fine print.

      I don't mean to sound standoffish, and I hope I don't, but since we're all speaking our minds here...
    3. I don't know if I do actually get what you mean. But if it's the sadning part, DOD does not do seam sanding service anymore. They used to do it for free but it took them a long them and soon people began to flood them with mails asking them to ship out faster. Thus they made an announcement that they won't sand the seams.

      My Camine had unsanded seams too, and I just sanded his arms myself today. he had some sort of crack-like seams too on one arm, but the other was ok.

      Understand it is disappointing, but take sanding your girl as some sort of bonding? I treated mine like it was. :sweat

      edit: missing info
    4. I'm surprised that her parts are different shades. Could you post pictures please?

      And as it was stated, DOD doesn't sand seams anymore. At this point, one should expext a doll with seams. Maybe you should be pleased that they even bothered to sand parts of your doll at all? Unless it's like Hopelessfangirl said, and the seams are just so faint you didn't notice them o.o

      Eyes are easily to replace. At least they're not glued in or something...
      Besides, they show different colored eyes in all the DOCs and you don't even know what you get with them.

      Sorry you're unsatisfied, but at least you're going to fix her :/
    5. Hm, I'm sorry you are disapointed with your Shall....
      About the resin color, could you take some pics? I think you should tell DOD this problem 'cause I have a Shall and my friend has a Lahoo and none of us had this problem.
      About the seems, they stated on the website that they'd not sand the seems even in the previous orders. We had a big discussion about it, and DOD did not change their mind. The only dolls they sanded were the fullset ones.
      And about the eyes, it is on their website that DOT dolls come with acrylic eyes. In the promotional pics they are not with glass eyes, I think, they are with urethane (did I write it right? i don't remember how it is spelled.), but in the website it is written that they come with acrylic eyes.


    6. My Shall arrived yesterday and I was all set not to like her--in fact had posted a feeler to see if anyone would be interested in her--and had quite a bit of interest.

      However, when she got here, I was pleasantly surprised. There is no color variation that I can see--other than the blushing on the face, of course. Her resin is smooth. The seams on my girl aren't particularly noticeable or rough. Her eyes are a green that is attractive to me. I'm more than satisfied.

      And she poses like a DREAM.

      I do agree that DOD's customer service is WAY more difficult and slow. I had trouble figuring out how to pay and who to pay (I think they have made the information easier to find on the website since then) and paid the wrong e-mail address. By the time it was corrected, my order was in "cancel order." However, after a couple of frantic e-mails, they replied and were able to complete my order manually--the website continued to list it as cancel order.
    7. I have mixed feelings about DOD too. Their dolls are gorgeous but it feels like such a hassle buying from them. All these stories about things going wrong makes me really worried to buy from them. I got my Too and Bee-A before all the issues started and I have plans to buy a Wi and a Mir (luckily I was about to buy the U I wanted from someone here and he looks fine) but it scares me to send them so much money and then something wrong happening with it, only for them to blame it on new employees (not saying this always happens but it feels like that's said a lot). I even started looking at other dolls to replace the characters for my Wi and Mir. -_-
    8. My sister just ordered her Camine with no problems at all.We had our order confirmed the same day and the payment the next day.Also from the way they phrased the email,it looks like he will be arriving alot sooner than six weeks,perhaps 3 or 4 weeks.About the resin difference,perhaps the torso was cast form a different batch of resin?That would account for the color diffence because it's really hard to keep color consistent between batches like dye lots with yarn ya know?They also might have been trying to train their new employees at the time too since her casting might have been within that timeframe.If you blush the torso with a little white you'll probably never notice the difference.Good luck!I hope you learn to love her even with her quirks!:3nodding: :daisy
    9. Wow, i'm so sorry. Lets see pictures? I got my Shall 3 days ago and was really worried when i opened her because I had heard so many problems and dissappointments about her. But mine came out perfect. The only thing she has is parting lines that you can see if you really look for. But I wasn't disappointed in the acrylic eyes, i think they're gorgeous. If you look at them in dim light, they don't look as lovely, was the room dark? From what i understand, DoD has been slacking on a buncha people.
    10. I'm sorry that you're dissapointed but other than the different coloured resin all of these things seem to be things that DOD already informed you that would be there (the sanding, the acrylic eyes.)

      True, DOD don't show the eyes that the doll will be getting and I agree that's one thing that they probably should do. However, it's easy enough to go to any of the shall arrival posts in the gallery to see what eyes she would be coming with.

      Since only one arm was unsanded I assume that the resin difference is due to the torso being from a different batch of resin. This is something you can and should take up with DOD if it's bothering you.

      I hope you end up happy with your doll. =)
    11. Trying to post replies but cannot seem to.

    12. Some people seem to have replying problems too. o__o
    13. I don't think it's "unprofessional" for them to send a doll out unsanded, especially since

      1.) DOD states on their site that they are no longer sanding dolls
      2.) The reason they stopped sanding because everyone was complaining about the wait being too long and getting really mean about it
      3.) It was a free service in the first place

      Also, I understand it was only one arm that was unsanded? Some people have the whole doll unsanded. You only have to sand one arm (if I understood your post correctly, I'm not sure if I did, if not I apologize).

      I also don't understand how it's "swarmy" to subsititute eyes. The Shall in the picture is not *supposed* to be exactly what you're getting, it's just showing the headmold off with makeup and clothes so you know what it looks like. DOD states that you won't get those eyes right on the site, and I don't really think that's an issue =/

      The different colored torso, though, is something I haven't heard of. Other dolls are not like that. You should email DOD with pictures, that's a problem they should fix.
    14. If you look at the pages for where they sell bodies only (Both DOT and DOC are the same description) it states that the resin may differ in places due to mixture, and you should be prepared for that.

      If she's going to be clothes, it won't matter anyway. And like everyone else has said, you only have one arm to sand.

      MY twins took them three weeks, which was a pleasant surprise, and I can't fault them (Yet...I still have to retrieve my dolls from the PO)

      ON some pages it states the dolls come with their special eyes shown in photos, but Im certain thats the Fullset versions. Normal dolls come with the acrylic eyes. And acrylic eyes arent THAT cheap.
    15. Woo hoooooo!!! Hey everybody! Let's take the side of the company! That way, they can continue to to crappy work, without feeling bad about it! Screw the customer!

      Really, people. Do you think defending the company will get you any status points with them? They could really care less, I'm sure. The only thing they get out of this, is the assurance that they can continue to do a shoddy job, and get good money for doing such.

      DOD used to do a much better job on their dolls. The resin colors were dang near all the time the same.

      This person was disappointed. And if all you can do is defend the company for how much that their service and quality has gone down, then maybe you all should start a thread about how great they are, and how you don't mind that they bumped up the price of their dolls, but cut the service, and quality.

      This is her thread, and she is disappointed. With the resin colors, and what seems to be a mostly finished doll they had lying around, and decided to send out for whatever reason. Probably because they were being lazy.
    16. I'm not defending DOD. I'm stating my opinion in a non-sarcastic, non-insulting way. I don't see how that's a problem.

      Maybe it's actually helpful to the original poster to see the problem from another point of view. Maybe they won't be so dissapointed that one arm is unsanded if they think, "at least the rest of the doll was sanded." I don't know.

      If the OP posted here, they obviously expected feedback. No point in posting in a forum otherwise. I do understand their dissapointment and I wasn't faulting them for it, I was just trying to give another perspective.

      Also, they "bumped the price" because of the value of the USD going down. It had nothing to do with them, other companies had to do the same thing.
    17. edit: Really don't want to look as if we're defending DOD cos we're not. Hope DOD will rectify the wrongs of your Shall. Let us know how it turns out. ^_^
    18. You are still defending the company. And also, if you were to read the replies. Many have already said what you did. You don't need to re-write what was already posted. It comes across as straight out belittling.

      And yes. The dollar went down for that price, there still is NO excuse for cutting the quality the USED to have, and being lazy.

      There have been numerous incidents lately with DOD, and I really wish people would just accept that DOD is not what they used to be. Because until they do, DOD will feel that they can keep getting away with the crappy jobs they have been doing on dolls, lately.
    19. I always read all replies before posting, and I wasn't trying to belittle anyone. I'm not a snarky person and wouldn't try to do that to a random person that seems quite nice.

      But obviously you didn't read my reply, or else you would have seen that I said:

      As you can see, I was of the opinion that DOD should fix/replace the discoloured resin part because that isn't right. I'll be the first to admit that DOD has had major issues lately, ever since the DOTs came out in October.

      Please stop making assumptions about my motives and my beliefs.
    20. My first post was not directed just at you, to start. My second post, again, was not directed just at you. Two people replied.

      Now because this post is to you, had you read the other posts, again. There were people who had already said the same thing. So why bother retyping it all? I'm sure she got the point the first time. ^^

      You really need to keep in mind that not all things are directed right at you. Please stop making assumptions. Especially direct personal ones.