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DOD Si is ALREADY sold out! ;_;!!

Dec 25, 2004

    1. omg, when i found this out, i'm like "OOH CRAP!!"
      does this mean that the other FullSetDOD's are going to sell out just as fast?
      *hurries up and tries to make moneys*

      and what about the DOD make-up? O_o;
      is Jemma taking a vacation or what? makeup is sold out too, so i'm like.. "whaaa...?"

    2. U was "sold out" a few days ago - they just don't have it in stock - wait a few hours or maybe a day or 2 and he will be back. Full set is not limited.
      thank you for telling me this Zevchan!!!

      *mucho huggle&cuddle*

      i still have a chance!! >333
    4. LOL, nope - full sets are not limited unless they are on the limiteds page ^_^
    5. Also, wouldn't it be very rude to sell a limited item without telling people it's limited >.<
    6. Ah, a friend and I are planning on getting two of the fullset boys as our very first bjds. She wants fullset Si, and I want fullset U. The only problem is going to be finding a time when they're BOTH in stock at once. :lol: We're shooting for ordering by February, since the bulk of our money has come from relatives sending money for the holidays, getting the rest will be slow going. But when the time comes, if one of the boys is sold out, I plan on just writing to DOD and asking when he'll be back.

      So if it comes time to order your Si, and he's sold out, just ask if they know about when he'll be back in stock. I'm sure they'll tell you! The general opinion on DOD seems to be *very* positive. And I'm sure they'd be more than willing to answer such a question.
    7. ...It's not listed as "sold out" now. ...Neither version...
    8. I just ordered my Full-Set HOO.

      I actually was only planning to buy regular Hoo,but then the Make-up service went down..and I decided I throw in the extra money to get my favorite boy in just a little faster.
      I wish he had a better wig though..like the silver one in the normal-Hoo picture. The black one you get as a default looks not nearly as nice as Wi's or Si's quality wise.
    9. I really wish Si came with the white wig... Ah well. I'm still trying to find something similar to that... two days later and nothing. *sigh* Anybody know how to make a wig?
    10. Aziza Creations on eBay has a cute white fur wig. :chibi