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DoD wigs... what size exactly?

Dec 11, 2006

    1. I can't find on the DoD site where they might say the circumference of DoC heads... I want to know what size their DoC wigs are, to see if they might possibly fit a minisup. I'm assuming they might be too big. :/
    2. They are 7-8 sized wigs.
    3. i know they're 7-8 n_n;; but i want to know if they're closer to 7 or 8, how big they are exactly.
    4. Oh, hmm...I think they are more closer to 8 because I once bought a 6-7 wig for my DoC, but it didn't fit at all.
    5. ahh i see, that's too bad :( thank you very much! n_n
    6. Their heads are 7" exactly. Which means neither 6-7" nor 7-8" wigs fit properly. -_-
    7. ahh :( that sounds like souldoll heads hehe
    8. yea thats my same problem with bobobie msd. her head is exactly 7" and i don't know if the wigs i llove will be too big enough because they say 7"-8"
      what would remedy this? velcrow or somthing? is it ok to have a wig that is too big because i dont's know because she will be my first when i get her :(
    9. My boy wears 7-8 wigs. A couple of them are snug and won't fit over the wig cap I have on his head, but most of them will fit over that cap and stay on without any trouble.