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does 6mm eyes fit 27cm doll or is it 4mm?

Oct 5, 2008

    1. im not really sure what fits what, i've heard the 6mm eyes fit obitsu heads but im not sure about it. any help would be nice.
    2. Usually it's 12mm eyes...
    3. really now? wow i was waaay off
    4. actually, I have a 27cm obitsu, and 6mm is like the only thing she can wear *nodnod* if you look at my icon you can see how they look heh
    5. aren't obitsu off topic?
    6. 1/6 ones are, I believe.
    7. yes yes yes they are >< sorry about that folks!!!!
    8. I think this depends on the kind of tiny. If it is a YO SD kind of doll the 12 mm should be right or even bigger. But if it is the Mini Gem or Soul little kind of doll, the 6 to 8 mm should be right. Maybe you should add for which tiny you are looking for eyes.
    9. Sweet lord, y'all. My Bobobie ERIN takes 10mm! 6mm is so incredibly tiny you don't even know!

      My tinies tend to run in the 14mm category although my Yo-Tenshi Yuki looks great in 16mm. My Lumedoll Blue Fundago and Bobobie Erin are the exceptions, but they are much smaller than 27cm.
    10. My Orientdoll So used to take 8mm
    11. It depends completely on the doll. Like Biggy said Mini Gem takes 8mm - she's 30cm - and my Ange Ai takes 12mm and she's 27cm. Her default is actually 14mm.

    12. My Baha's default was 16...but she looks much better with 12.

      my PpoPpo and my future Moona take 12mm
    13. "Mini Gem takes 8mm - she's 30cm"

      Mini Gem is just so different from every other doll out there in the size range, though...they're like Dollfies, not Super Dollfies, I think. We can safely dismiss 8mm for a 30cm doll as the exception and completely NOT the rule.