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Does a doll change a rooms vibe?

Aug 17, 2011

    1. If this question has been asked, then by all means, it must be deleted! But I want to know...

      Am I the only one who's mood changes with the dolls in the room? :sweat Whenever I enter a room and see a doll, I get vibes from it, as in cute, or silly, or serious, etc. And for some reason I seem to mirror that. Is it just me, or does a dolls face and clothing style affect the mood in a room?

      Thanks for speaking your mind!
    2. You're definitely not alone :) I really do think that dolls do change the vibe of a room depending on what type of doll it is usually, or what type of personality/character the doll has... If anything, dolls make a room more happy and interesting no matter what kind :)
    3. not really. exept that I feel watched .___.
    4. Haha I can totally understand you. The first time my sis just saw a BJD image on DA she was like "ewww, Chucky". Blame hollywood for making eerie horror movies featuring dolls :lol:
      Though I tend to think my personal room would not change that much, as I already have a number of plushies lying/sitting around my bed
    5. I feel differently in my room if I have a doll or not. Or atleast sometimes. But my room decor changes for them too! I tend to set them up a room or sitting area and having a doll makes the room feel more lively for me. I'm always sad when I don't have a doll or have to put them in their box for long periods. I think the type of doll would definitely change the vibe abit.
    6. I think it does, a little. Currently, my dolls are both facing my bed. While not the best place to have them at all, when I see them, I do feel a little better. It's weird, but maybe it's because I'm reminded of all the things I wanted to do for them - sewing, jewelry-making, knitting, etc.,.. - and those are things that I enjoy doing. I like creating something good, be it a recipe that I get right, or a small doll shirt.

      I tend to think that we take things for granted, sometimes. We might love our clothes that we buy in a store, but it really hits you when you're looking at t-shirt fabric - and realize it's not an actual shirt - to understand that things need to be created. Even t-shirts start somewhere, I realized, as do necklaces and throw pillows.
    7. My room is fairly nerdy. As an anime figure collector, I think my girls just add to the nerdiness of the room. If my room were normal, I think it would definitely add some sort of feeling or vibe.
    8. Like Galamirix, my room/house is wall to wall with anime collectibles and figures, so my resin boys are just a few more sets of eyes among many that stare out at what you're doing ^^

      That being said, however, I do find that when I enter the room that houses my bjds I feel a greater warmth and happiness than I what get from just my pvcs. Perhaps because my boys seem to have so much more expression - it's almost like they're welcoming a person into that particular room (or warning a person away, according to some visitors' perspectives :lol: )
    9. I think they definitely can. I have noticed that the way I arrange a room and what I have in it really affects the way it feels.
    10. No, they don't have a significant impact on a room's vibe to me. My dolls fit in at my parents' house. I always tell them they have a "grandparent's house" because there are toys in the living room (Dad's RC and car collections, Mom's boxed Breast Cancer Awareness Barbie and Princess Tiana, and my Magic Attic Keisha doll) and yummy sweets.
    11. I put my doll to sit near me when I work.He mak me feel happy ^^
    12. Sometimes the dolls are split between two rooms but currently all 36 are posed on my bedroom dresser. I find seeing them all in one place comforting as a presence - not as comforting as having my cats nearby but they come in second. Each one does give off it's own vibe (I think due to how much effort I've put in to making thme reflect their characters) and I can contemplate who I'm happiest with and who needs to be worked on. Looking back and forth at all of them at night calms me almost like counting sheep.
    13. I only have the one doll, but in general he stays on my bed so that I can reach him easily since my room is embarrassingly cluttered. He's the first thing I see when I come into my room and seeing him makes me smile. Seeing something so calm and untouched by the stresses of my life. When I take him downstairs with me or anywhere really I think I feel a little brighter. I think it's like a security blanket type of thing.
    14. Lovely thread. They also do in my case. Whenever I see any of my BJD in any of the rooms home I find at least an slightly different atmosphere and get also a different feeling, depending on the one or ones who is/are there, sort of funny when they are kind of looking at me, which always gets my mood touched by the happiness their characters bring me.
    15. I don't know from vibes, but I do know that, ideally, I want to achieve a visual harmony between a beautiful object (or grouping of objects) and the space that surrounds it (them). It can be a doll, a bouquet, a piece of antique crystal, etc. Our house is very wee, really too wee for the beautiful things we jointly accumulate, so I haven't met the ideal yet. But for my dolls, I try to keep them in a small island of non-clutter, and group them in ways that suggest interaction and friendship. I want them to look comfortable together, rather than randomly placed. And I do find that pleasing and soothing.
    16. I would say mine do some degree. It is more that they just make me happy.. or calm, almost like having my cat in the room, only less stressful because the dolls, unlike my cats, don't cause trouble and don't break things. Some of my dolls have more nasty personalities while some are very sweet and caring.. some are just in between. The room's vibe isn't affected so much by their personalities.
    17. I don't really think it changes the vibe of a room for me, but it does create a new center. In my room usually my tv, or laptop are the centers so I look at them, but now with the bjds I'm torn. I'm going to have to move my zaolls at the moment they're beside me, while my tv is straight ahead, I'm going to give myself whiplash because I keep looking over at the zaolls, it's like I'm expecting to catch them breathing or something :lol:
    18. Displayed dolls definitely change the vibe of a room for me. Absolutely. I will forever be indebted to Cynthia_in_Flinthills for making me aware of the concept of "house gods". For me, when I purposefully and willfully set up a doll for display purposes, the vibe change is obvious and with intent.
    19. I think it changes the vibes in my house too. I like to keep some of the smaller ones sitting in or on miniature furniture I have on a little shelf next to my bed. They are the first things I see when I wake and the last things I see right before I turn out the light.
    20. I can't sleep nowadays unless I have my doll sitting in a place where I can see if I happen to wake up. My room isn't very dark (dratted street lamps!).

      She makes me feel better after nightmares.