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Does anyone else collect outfits before dolls?

Jun 13, 2019

    1. So back when I started this hobby, one of my earliest purchases was an Iplehouse nYID Andrew. I still have him, I still love him, he's glorious. But I can't sew and I hadn't reckoned on how hard it is to find outfits that would fit him. I ended up trading orchestration services for a military-style uniform.

      I really enjoy certain types of outfits (mostly uniforms, suits, and for the ladies, fancy dresses), so now I collect the outfits first and then work to acquire dolls who can wear them. Like, now that I have an Iplehouse EID boy, there are so many more options for outfits than for the nYID! I'm currently waiting an a Freedom Teller Lisianthus outfit and really excited about it, because the fancy clothes are a big part of the point for me.

      Does anyone else do this?
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    2. I'm guilty of buying a very large eye that fits none of my dolls because I fell in love with it, so I have plans because of it to buy a doll to fit it. >.>;;
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    3. I did that once. It was before I got Cashew, my lati yellow. I bought her several pairs of shoes because I had read that they can wear blythe shoes. The problem was I had no idea at the time that there were different sized blythe shoes... so all but one pair were too small! And the only pair that fit were ice skates and I didn't even like them on her! XD
    4. I don't believe I've ever done that, but I have on multiple occasions tried re-purposing clothing from other types of dolls to my bjd's, like the 18" Crissy doll (from 1968 and has "growing" hair) has underwear that fits my 60cm doll perfectly :XD:
    5. I am also guilty of this... xD
      I have a couple 30cm doll outfits that I could't resist getting, even though I don't have anyone to wear them (yet).
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    6. I collected MSD girl clothes for about 10? years before I acquired a doll who would wear them. XD; I ended up with almost 2 (copy paper-sized) boxes-full by the time she was home. So you're definitely not alone!
      Even before I collected dolls, I admired the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into detailed, hand-made items, so it's not surprising that the clothes catch my attention almost as much as the dolls.
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    7. When I see something I like, I buy it even if I don't have this size doll , waiting for the right doll.
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    8. I kind of, sort of did something like that when I first discovered BJD; I fell in love with a certain pair of DollHeart Shoes so I bought them despite the style and size, year(s) before getting the actual doll. I was getting a Volks DDI and I didn't know at the time DH only made shoes for Volks SD girls and they had pretty big feet compared to DD, and pretty much DH made no alternative sizes of the same shoes. The shoes were too big for my DD so she never wore them, but I still own them because I still love them, even if they are not even in a style that any of my dolls would ever wear (very frilly/classic Gothic Lolita). I also used to purchase eyes just because they looked pretty in photos, and not because they would fit any of my dolls' characters or even their eye wells. I slowly accumulated too many eyes that nobody wears now. I stopped doing that for a while now; I've actually stopped purchasing any BJD related item (even dolls), because I always think that money I waste on things my dolls wont wear, can go towards new OT dolls, figures, anime or games. DX
    9. mini shoes were my first weakness :aheartbea from an ebay shop called releaserain (so many ebay shops have gone now though). Then of course I had to buy a £250 doll to wear them! Dolly logic, I believe that's called :blush

      I CAN sew, but having seen some adorably cute YOSD outfits on etsy, which I pounced on, I then had to buy my first tiny to wear them LOL - basically I'm just a sucker for 'cute' whether it's clothing, shoes or dollies
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    10. At this point I have so many different sizes and body types that nearly any clothes I could buy will fit someone . . . but even before my resin crew expanded, absolutely, I did fall in love with clothes and buy them just because I loved them. (Especially shoes -- I LOVE shoes!)
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    11. I do this all the time! For the most part, my dolls are all meant to be specific characters, so what happens is I'll see some clothes that I think would suit the character perfectly, and I end up buying them even if I don't have the doll for the character yet. :sweat Sometimes I even end up choosing the doll's body based on the measurements of the clothes, just to ensure they fit haha.
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    12. >v<yep! Sometimes I fall in love with some outfits not fit my doll's size, but I buy them, and then I but the doll.
      I can dress up my doll immateriality when she arrive with those outfits I prepared for her!
    13. Oh man, this is definitely me. I feel like I have to have something for the dolls to wear when they arrive home. And one of my dolls on order just unexpectedly shipped, and I have NOTHING for him at all! I’m freaking out! :XD:
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    14. I really try not to because my crew changes frequently and there's always a chance I might change my mind about buying a doll before ordering, so I'd hate to waste money on clothes for a doll that might not happen. But sometimes...I find something perfect for a character at a price I can't resist, so then I do.
    15. I buy clothes I like and should fit my 70+ guys but sadly they didn’t fit often so I have few clothes flying around without someone could wear them
    16. Nope, I've collected the doll before the costume. But then again, I do know how to sew. Not really for a doll but for a person. But it's fun to try though. Of course, if I did collect clothes for my dolls before I had a doll to wear them, boy I would have a lot of clothes by now
    17. Now it has no sence for me. But I did it once, when i was waiting my first doll and that thing unexpectedly still in use. =)
    18. yes, I would do so. I have certain image for my boys, thus, I will get their cloth even before they arriving home. Especially for those I loved ones, I always want to get them new cloth. yeah....I have preference,hahaha:wiggle
    19. A lot of times I will buy clothes for my dolls before they arrive. That way they'll have something to wear when they get home.I bought an outfit for one of my boys and I don't have a body for him yet. I don't want to buy too many things because I want to make sure that they will fit him since I'm not sure what body to get him yet.
    20. No, never. I sew 9/10ths of my own doll clothes. I learned to sew doll clothes at age six, and have been making them for, yeah, 50 years. Occasionally I rework baby clothes or clothes meant for larger dolls to fit mine, but I have found that even making clothes ahead for dolls that I can get the measurement off of the company website I am ordering a doll from does not work. One always ends up with an imperfect fit, and I am such a bloody perfectionist, that it just does not work for me. I usually buy Iplehouse dolls, and sometimes order jeans from them when I order the doll, because their jeans are always a perfect fit, and VERY well made.