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Does anyone else feel like they need more than one head for the same character?

Jul 28, 2016

    1. Do you feel like, or have the urge, to buy the same head and just have different faceups of different expressions for your doll? Or is that a weird quirk of mine? Because I have an extreme urge, and probably will, to buy the same head for my character to convey different expressions in photos and such. Anyone with the same quirk?:XD:

    2. Yes! Well, at least two of my characters do. Yukio has his "normal" head (MnF vamp Shiwoo) and his "alternate ego" head (Miracledoll Baiye).
      One of my future dolls, Ed, will have two heads, one "normal" and one "angry/scarred". :)
    3. A number of doll makers cater to this desire for multiple expressions for the same sculpt, most notably Alchemic Labo and Fairyland. I've purchased quite a few over the years. My Soom Onyx twins, Migi boy, and Supia girl all have alternate heads with different expressions.
    4. I've gotten two dolls with extra heads/expressions so far, intending for both heads to belong to the one character... but both times I've ended up feeling like they were different characters and haven't followed through. :sweat
    5. I just a want another head that has an angry/stern expression. The faceup on my girl now is softer, which is good for when she needs to be. But I need one for when she's angry and kicking butt haha. Same head sculpt. Just a difference faceup.
    6. Yes! I'm having to use a different doll for 2 characters when they wear armor
    7. Yes totally! You gotta in order to capture a well rounded character's many phases. :)
    8. Ryan (my Dollshe Bernard) has three faceplates. One is sleeping, one is his natural faceup and the other is his burlesque makeup faceup.
    9. I would love that but... spending 170+ per head is not something I can afford while I still want other things.
      I do have a normal and romantic head for one of my dolls, and I have two of the same sculpt but they are meant to be twins.
      If I ever downsized my doll collection though and kept only one doll or something, I could totally see myself getting a few heads just so I could try modding one, or give a normal face-up to one and a crying one to the other or so! Sounds like fun!
    10. My favorite boy has three heads - two dreaming heads, and one open eyed head. Both of the dreaming heads have their own bodies too, so they're permanently on display in my doll cabinet together. It's not that uncommon, so if the idea appeals to you I'd say roll with it!
    11. Two of mine fit in that category. My Dollshe Saint has the SA and OE faceplates and it's really nice. I have an extra head for my Popodoll Chen so he never has to be headless while I re-do faceups, also so the 'good' head doesn't get over worked with my experiments and practice. There's several companies that have sculpts like that, either faceplates or heads with different expressions. Not all of them are the more expensive companies either, for example Doll Love and Resin Soul both have that to offer with YoYo and Mei/Fei. It's nice when there's options like that, also with the different bust options and feet for the female dolls.
    12. They aren't the same characters, but I own all three variations of the Little Monica Roselyn sculpt! Basic, Gloomy, and Secret. If they do an Innocent Roselyn release (which is eyes fully closed) then I plan on getting that as a sleep head for my first Roselyn (the basic version). I also have a sleep head for my Feeple60 Celine from Fairyland!
    13. I own two Fairyland Juri 2013 heads, both for different personalities of the same character. My Johanna has a split personality that manifests itself with the rising and the setting of the sun, and each personality has a head that shows this change. I didn't do this deliberately; indeed I only intended to buy one Juri head. But the storyline has worked out well so far.
    14. I'm planning on doing this with the doll I've currently got on order- I want one head to have a really OTT faceup and the other to have a more normal one. Plus it will be my first time attempting a faceup on resin, so I'm expecting it to take a few attempts before I get something I'm happy with, and I think alternating between heads and using the other one as a reference is likely to be helpful in improving as I go along.
    15. I really like sleeping/dreaming heads for when I want it to look like my doll is reading, writing, playing music, cuddling, or (of course) sleeping. Sadly, finances force me to prioritize, so I don't own many of them.
    16. Well... if its just face expresion its reasonable if you make photostories
      I personaly don't feel the urge to do that
    17. I do! I like having alternate heads. I have them for five of my resin BJDs. I have sleep heads for my Elfdoll Red and SoulDoll Lune, and a closed eye laughing head that I had modded for my Ninodoll Bada. My character Shakkyo has two k-doll heads with different kabuki faceups on them. And my Dollzone Cherry has a regular open eye head and a head with half-closed eyes. Her open eyes were just too wide awake! I wanted her to look sultry sometimes.

      Maura, my Dollzone Cherry.

      I would love to have alternate heads for my Dollfie Dreams so they could have different expressions!

      Linda S.
    18. I'd really love for my dolls to have many expressions- mostly tricksy and laughing, and of course closed eyes, maybe some stern or anxious faces...... but none of the dolls I own offer other expressions :/ Luckily Bobobie does sell the Ophelia head separately, so someday I'm sure I'll try my hand at modding some other expressions :)
    19. Yes! :)) with the exception of my venitu all of my dolls kinda transform since they are all supposedly polymorphed :D
      and I am a fan of sleeping heads since they kinda give a feel that the doll is capable of having different facial expressions and looks more interesting when making photo stories :dance
    20. I have a IOS Jagaur and Chaos that will be the same character when they get a body, my Migidoll Ryu has three heads, my Ringdoll Aya has an Alice99 (winking version of Aya) and Mona head, I have three Kara Klum heads floating around waiting to be Alex's extra heads, and my Ringdoll K is the winner with 5 heads, all different as I modded four of them in various ways so he can have silly face, angry face, sleepy smile (which I want to change), sleeping and worried. If I had my way, he'd get a 6th with a Ringdoll faceup so I can change the faceup on one of his other heads. But we'll see if that happens. (it probably will I have no control over this doll)

      I also have various faceplates for my Unoa's, my DZ Carter has both the OE and normal winking head and of course, FL LTF Pong uses his sleeping face so he can do this XD because that is the best expression.

      I love extra heads. Action figures have them, so why not BJDs? And it's actually necessary for my MD Ryu who damages his faceup every time I turn around so I can switch him to one of his other heads when I need too.
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