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Does anyone else *not* have characters or personalities for their doll(s)?

Apr 24, 2007

    1. Or even names, in my case! For me there is a small sense of character based on how they are dressed, or their expression, but I suppose it's about the same amount you would pick up from looking at a person in real life.

      I'm just curious to hear if anyone else is the same and what their feelings are about it, if any :)

    2. XD Lenore just recently (like last week) started getting a personality developed. O: I didn't plan on giving my dolls personalities and we'll see if Kole gets one. :3 But I don't have anything really planned out except names.
    3. They have names, and slight personalities based on their facial expressions. But they have no detailed biographies.
    4. Certainly, not all my dolls had personalities planned before I got them! With Gwena, I just chose the headmold that I loved, picked a wig and eyes that looked good on her, and dressed her in whatever I liked on her. :) Over the years though she has gradually become her own "character" of sorts, though she certainly wasn't planned to be a certain way.

      Though I do have a doll that doesn't really have a personality except for like you are describing, akeemi. My MSD Nasia is like that to me, she has certain distinguishing characteristics I guess, but no real character. I didn't have one in mind for her either, but she never really developed into a character like Gwena did. I keep her only for sentimental value (my first mini! I've had her for 4+ years). Usually dolls that don't either fit characters I have in mind or "develop" their own character get sold 'cause I don't bond well with them. :sweat No matter how pretty they may be, I can only afford to have so many dolls so the ones that are pretty AND have characters I like are the ones that I keep. ;)
    5. Me! I don't have characters, I have dolls :).

      Over time they have developed some vague personality characteristics in my head, like who looks shy to me and who looks outgoing, but that's about all. They don't have stories or backgrounds or anything - they just simply are.

      Heck, most of them only have names just because I get tired of referring to them as "SD-10 Nono"....although, frankly, I still do quite a bit.

    6. Yes, well maybe I've misunderstood, but I'm going to create the style of my doll (Kid Delf Cherry) that will arrive sometime very soon. Maybe this week. He's going to become Toshiro from Bleach:


      But I'm thinking to maybe get a Chiwoo to make him into Toshiro instead and make the Cherry boy into something else, Maybe Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles

      And I'll receive a Mini May this week that will become the little pink haired girl:

    7. None of my dolls really have profiles or backgrounds, anything like that.

      I hardly have enough personality for one person, let alone 6 little resin ones.
    8. I don't have a personality for my girl yet. But that's more a matter of me needing to really think about what I think she would be. She has a name, and certain characteristics I guess but no detailed background. ^_^;
    9. I personify everything and anything, even if I don't meant to, it just happens. So no, I don't have any dolls that are just dolls. Though I once thought about how nice it would be if they were just that because then they could do/be anything at any given time.

    10. :lol: :lol: :lol:

      That's hilarious :D (don't sell yourself short... just your avatar is enough personality for the next five people in a row! :) )

      My dolls have personalities, kinda... but they're very vague. I'm mulling over ideas for stories in my mind, but I seem to spend most of my time with them just trying to get them to "speak" to me in some way. A couple of them just look right together, so they're "sort of" in a "relationship" - but again, only in a very nebulous way and certainly not written down anywhere.

      Several have no names yet, although we're working on it. [My biggest problem with *that* is that finding the perfect name to describe what he or she is in your mind, makes no sense if you can't *remember* what that name was later!! :roll: ]
    11. I think of mine as actors in a repertory company; their personalities change depending on which play they are doing. If they're lucky they get names. I don't have stories or anything, though.
    12. Eden doesn't really have a big personality, which I'm somewhat surprised about :sweat I usually give a personality to everything.

      She's more like a part of me that never had the chance to actually manifest itself... someone who can wear cute, girly clothes and not be stared at for it. :sweat
      I pre-named her, though, giving her a name that symbolises a lot to me.
    13. Mine usually end up with the name they came with, I really like the names so far, they suit them well. I'm no good at naming, heck my pet mouse was named Black&Tan,(guess what color she was) Despite the lack of a good name I still loved her.

      No storylines. RPG isnt my thing, I just like dolls
    14. Yes, I do! I have lots and lots of dolls, not just BJDs, and while I find it more pleasurable and amusing to assign personality traits to them, quite a few just ended up as blank slates. Very few of my dolls have very developed backstories, though most have some vague characteristics based on how they appear to me. Of my dollfies, my petite has pretty much absolutely no personality and I admittedly love her the best. <3
    15. None of mine have characters or personalities. They barely have names.
      They each have certain styles of clothes they wear but that is just about what they look good in and not about them being any specific character.
    16. well for my future dolls i'll probably not have names or personalities for them...i know my saint won't. but i'm kinda dying to make one of my prettiful boys into bjd form so that may be an exception

      OT: oh god. so it begins! now i'm talking about FUTURE dolls. just a week ago i was thinking "eh...probably won't get one." now i'm saying "when i get my dolls..." >.>
    17. I can't imagine having a doll without a personality (although it would admittedly be nice, so I would be able to change things up). I've been browsing, and my characters pick the dolls they like, if that makes any sense. xD

      Me: Hey, that one looks cool.
      Character: That one is so totally me! Bring it home, woman! D<
      Me: But...but I have no money...
      Character: Grr...you win this round. >_>

      That's pretty much how my thought processes go. xD
    18. Even my computer speakers have names. I can't help it. It just happens.
      I don't like the idea of something... just... being there without a name.
      I think personality gives something a bit more meaning, and that's why my dolls have so much of it ^^;;
    19. When I bought Hitoshi I had not been thinking about even doing photo stories, afterward I started to think about what I might be able to make my dolls into. It just kind of evolved into the idea of doing it rather than what I started out to do but I&#8217;m not going to limit them to just one thing I think. I have no idea is anything I just said will make sense to anyone else.
    20. Lindsay-- I know exactly what you are saying. I love the way your phrase it "a small sense of character"! I have actually looked for a thread that addressed this issue. Thanks for starting it.

      Cheshiretiffy You are too funny! :D :D I quite agree with you!


      "Over time they have developed some vague personality characteristics in my head, like who looks shy to me and who looks outgoing, but that's about all. They don't have stories or backgrounds or anything - they just simply are."

      I guess you could say mine have the same "vague personality" as yours. I am influenced by how they are dressed, but that varies from week to week.

      Sometimes I feel so uncreative compared to the talented storytellers here on DOA*_* I have given them meaningful names finally. They are all associated with people in my life, and to some small degree may represent them.

      Oh I am so boring!:ablah: