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does anyone feel like they've spent too much money?

Jul 3, 2006

    1. like u've spent way to much money. i've just bought 2 outfits, a necklace and a pair of shoes for a doll i haven't even recived yet >_< im not telling my bf cause i know that he would flip on me. i've spent around $150US. i know its not alot but, i feel bad *cry* anyone else feel this way sometimes?
    2. For the most part, I don't feel to guilty about spending on dolls--after all, I don't spend much on other luxury items and I work for my money. However, there have been occasions where I have to check myself, because I really shouldn't be spending the money at that moment. And I have put more on my credit card than I would've liked, though I don't regret the purchase. It just means I have to be a little more carefull from now on.
    3. I dunno.. that happens to me sometimes, but usually only long after I have bought the things.

      I was looking at Shaun the other day and thought 'Holy crap! I spent almost $100 on you before you arrived!'

      It's funny, but at the actual time of ordering, it almost never occurs to me... >_>
    4. Bwahahahaha.... I just spent $858 US to bring a Volks SDG Carol home, and she'll probably get nabbed by customs on her way here! *^^*
    5. As long as I don't dip into my college fund, I'll feel justified in spending the money.
    6. I look at my crew and think that sometimes...

      But then I look at them again and think about how much fun I've had with all of them, how beautiful they are to me, and how happy having them around has made me... And I always end up coming to the conclussion that it was money well spent. ^_^
    7. Sometimes I do feel that way since I'm usually a thrifty person. But you know, in the end, there's this satisfaction after buying them all.
    8. same...except I can't resist the Yukinojo urge any longer...so now I'm gonna ask my parents if I can borrow half from my savings.:sweat

    9. Well.. my guilt only comes on when I start wanting something for myself, but can't feel justified in buying it, regardless of the amount I'm willing to spend on dolls..
    10. Sometimes I feel bad because work drives me crazy and makes me feel like crud, and then I spend the money on dolls...but dolls really make me happy, so I can't complain xD;
    11. hehe thanks everyone. i don't quite feel so bad anymore. i guess it could be alot worse. i could of spend like $1000US then i'd really be in trouble :P
    12. I set boundaries for myself before Riku arrived. I spent so much on him that I told myself that I will not go overboard on items for him. It may sound cruel, but I look at it as if I can't have it, you can't have it. Maybe I am treating him like a sibling or a child. o.o

      For example:
      My shoes cost $23. He isn't getting shoes that cost more than mine. o.o

      His clothes are made from Wal-Mart remnants or fabric I already have left from costumes.

      Just because a wig is perfect for him, doesn't justify spending $30 on it. I have never spent that much on a wig for myself, so I won't do it for him.

      Reading this back to myself, I feel like a horrible mother... ;-; When we aren't so finacially strapped, maybe I'll get him something nice. ;-;
    13. I always feel like I've spent too much money! But I rarely drop less than $150 at a time....
      Mostly I feel guilty that I'm buying toxic plastic and having it mailed to me via the most environmentally damaging shipping method, all for the sake of having more beauty in my life. Then, really I feel like I'm not paying enough to cover the hidden costs of what my hobby destroys somewhere else in the world.
    14. Yes ^^; Which is why I only ever buy one item at a time *laughs* If I were to add up the cost of both my dolls, plus my blythes and their clothes... I think I might poo myself.
    15. Always.
      Marti 8)
    16. Yeah. But I always feel that way about everything (some parents are good at guilt-tripping). But you know what helps? Spending some money, and then not spending money for a long while. I haven't gotten anything for my doll in 2/3 months, and I actually have lost the temptation to just spend money all the time.
    17. I haven't felt guilty for buying Ari anything... so far.

      I mean, I grew up on cheap things; like rummage sale clothes and toys, only a couple of christmas and birthday presents. And now that I have a job---I'm still overly cheap ^^; But when I look at Ari; I can't help but think I want better for him, and end up just spending!!

      However, after spending so MUCH on HIM...I lid myself. Like I won't buy things from the doll companies themselves since just ordering a cute shirt for $10 USD will end up costing me well over $30!!! Thus, I end up buying things from the Marketplace here; since even if they cost over $100, it'll still save me money from shipping, and also it's nice to give other members business so they can also spoil their dolls =)
    18. Nope! Since I have nothing else to spend my cash on yet ((getting an apartment soon)) I want to spend it on my doll. She's dressed better than I am -_-
    19. Haha you sound just like me xD;
    20. She's such a fashionable girl. I only know how to wear blue but her? Omg...But I lover her too much to say no >.>