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Does anyone have Bobobie dolls in colors?

Mar 1, 2008

    1. I would like to see real life pictures of the two smaller sizes of Bobobie dolls in colors...I guess they come in blue, lilac and green. Any one have any of these?
    2. Well, I have a colored resin Bobobie, but not the colors you mentioned. I have a little pink Moony........here she is:

    3. thanks but link doesn't work
    4. I have a Bobobie Devlin Demon boy. He's so cute! When he came home I asked his name and he told me to just call him Blue Boy! One of these days I need to find him some decent clothes!



      [​IMG] Not the best pic taken with a flash.
    5. Ohh, she's adorable! What's her name? :D
    6. Did Blue Boy come with two different type eyes, or is it just the angle? I noticed that the ones on the Bobobie website had that as well...

      Then again, I could also be going crazy, so... :P
    7. Nope it's just the angle and the lighting. His eyes are the same.
      Your not crazy...looking at the pic again one does look different! :doh
    8. Link worked for me...love blue boy...so many choices...I'll have to build a room just for my bjds!
    9. I have Eolora (Sprite Pink Skincolor Mature body) and Aris (Elfgirl March Light Tan skincolor) living with me.

    10. Apologies for being late to the party, but here's my Chloe. She's quite obviously green.
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