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Does anyone have more than one doll with the same name?

Mar 24, 2016

    1. I'm just curious if anyone has given the same name to more that just one of their dolls. I was thinking about the names I've given my own BJD's and how my non-ball jointed dolls tend to just keep the names they were given by their respective companies, realizing that some of them had the same name for example Flora. This actually reflects real life as of course most people share their name with others. So I was wondering to keep a sense of realism has anyone decided to give two or more of their BJD's the same name. This may be especially plausible if you are someone that owns a vast collection of BJD's. Or do you make an extra effort to give all your dolls different names?
    2. I try to give all my dolls different names. I have sold a doll and used the name and/or character for a new doll, but never while one is still with me and using the name.
    3. I have to give them all different names because the names are chosen according to their personality/character. For me, having two dolls with the same name would be like having two dolls with the same personality/character. I have sold many dolls and they are gone with their names too (it means that I never use their names for a new doll). I don't like to use the company names either.

      I collect many dolls besides BJDs and they all have different names, I like to come up with names for them and most of the time I have to wait until I have them in my hands to find out who they are to choose the right name. Naming my dolls is actually one of my favorite parts so I make an extra effort to choose the right ones.
    4. All of my dolls have different names and only two of them have kept their company ones because I felt like they fit their characters so well. I love choosing names for my dolls and I always try to go for something unusual or that means something. Of course the name has to fit their personality as well. :kitty2
    5. Sort of?

      I have a Nick and a Niccolo. It's same name origin-wise. They both have similar designs since Nick's character was a rewrite of Niccolo for an RP but then Nick morphed into a new character.
    6. I have always given my dolls different names. However, that being said... I have one doll that is modeled after an OC as a child that I have been debating turning into an adult. This would mean I have two dolls, different sculpts (one MSD, one SD) with the same name. I'm still teetering on the fence about it, but it'll probably happen.
    7. Yes, and it's done intentionally. All of my dolls are based after preexisting characters, and for many years I was focused on shelling them in 1/3 form. Now that they're all (mostly) home, my interests have turned over to the 1/4 size, and I realize how much I miss having dolls in that size. Because I love my characters, I decided to continue shelling them, but now in a smaller size. I'm not getting rid of anyone, I'll just have them in two different forms. Two of my characters will actually be shelled in YoSD size as well, so for them I'll have three dolls with the same name!

      I think if all of my dolls were completely different characters (no matter the size), it would bother me if two had the same name however, and I would take the step so they were all different.
    8. I tend to try and give my doll and non bjds different names.
      I have sold one of my dolls and almost named my current bjd the same name but I try to keep them with different names simply because it is easier for me for some odd reason.
    9. Mine have different names, but at one time, two of them had the same middle name Sven. That's because they are father and son, so it fits the characters.

      Now, I have reshelled some characters, so more than one doll has had those characters' names, but I don't generally keep two dolls with the same name at the same time.
    10. Not yet, but I'm kind of considering it. I named one of my dolls Leon four years ago and since then my daughter has had a son whom she also named Leon (nothing to do with the doll, I guess we just have similar taste in names).
      Now I've recently ordered a pair of little dolls that I would like to name after my two grandchildren but Leon is already taken and I also have dolls named Lio and Leonie!
      So I'm looking for a different lion-related name, and there are plenty of them, but I just haven't found one yet that appeals to me.
    11. At this point, no. I've never thought to repeat names, but I'm not sure that you'd run into two girls named Remedy, Guppy, or Munkie in close proximity in real life anyway, so it wouldn't be necessary for any sort of realism.
    12. I try to give my dolls names that ties in with their personalities and/or back-stories, so the chances of having two dolls sharing the same name is very slim. But I do have a pair of dolls named Rin and Ran (short for Kieran), and it drives my friends insane. :lol: It's not intentional though!
    13. I don't repeat names in a type of doll, such as bjds, but my MNF Rheia is named Olivia, and I also have a reborn doll named Olivia, and I will also be repeating the name Sylvie this way.
    14. I call my dolls by the name the company gave them for the most part - the only two I have changed is two Iplehouse dolls that I had custom made into Jamie Frasier and Claire Frasier from Outlander. I can never remember what I name them, so stick with the names they were given lol. Not very original huh?
    15. I have two dolls called Faith... The Shiwoo came first and he was meant to be an OC of mine. A while later I got a Feeple Iden who I quickly discovered made a much better Faith, but... as I couldn't be bothered coming up with a new name for the Shiwoo, I just decided that they could both be a 'Faith'.

      (And now, although the name has stuck, the character hasn't (in fact, I don't really do 'characters' in the most part anymore) and they now look entirely different, too...)

      I also have SD & MSD versions of Ethan & Will - the MSDs are more 'chibi' versions of the SDs though, not their child equivalent.
    16. Not my case but I see dolls with the same name when they are the same character (with different ages for example)
      I think I will not repeat the same name between my dolls
    17. My dolls shell characters from a little town - the alternative community of said town - it's near Atlanta GA so think DragonCon, SCA, cosplay etc. Nobody has exactly the same name but as in real life I've a couple with similar names - I've over 40 dolls & over 60 characters. I've a Dr. Choi Lee who gets called Charlie (of course) & a Charles who gets called Charlie....LOL Might be a couple more like that, can't think right now....
    18. Given that I have a couple of characters who exist in the collection in more than one form, you'd think I would... But actually, I don't.

      Kes (the LTF Chole) is a kid/chibi version of Grey Kestrel (EID Bibiane), Rand (LTF Elf El) is the similarly pint-sized version of her partner Red Cardinal (EID Tedros) and Pally (LTF Elf Shiwoo) is the chibi/kid version of their goodie two-shoes pal Palrah (EID Akando)... But I never call Kestrel "Kes", Palrah "Pally" or Cardinal "Rand". The nicknames are reserved exclusively for the munchkins, so it's easy to tell who I'm talking about when I say something like 'Yeah, I need to take pictures of Kes and Rand ganging up on Palrah, David-and-Goliath style' XD.
    19. Kind of. I have a lot of dolls named Alex. Like, 20 or so. Then I have two-going-on three Bruce's, four Jokers, two Harleys, two Wyn's and two dolls who sometimes-most of the times go by the name John but neither of their real names are John (and technically I only refer to one of them by that name) AND another one who's real name is Johnathan. So yeah. Creative names are not us.
    20. None of my dolls have the same name. I like creating their character and finding a name that fits them. There are enough names that I like that I can choose from, so I prefer to call them each something different.