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Does Anyone Have Not Doll Lab Tanning Lucy?

Feb 23, 2007

    1. What do you think of her and could you possibly post pictures? Thanks!
    2. Couldn't love her more! This is my Lukina:


      She's currently waiting patiently to be re-strung, as I found her to be a little loose. She was my first BJD and still has my favourite little face!
    3. She is so darling! Is her tan medium or what shade would you say more or less? Thanks for the pictures! Also is she about 6" tall?

    4. In the second photo she is next to a white skin Uyoo. I would consider her quite tanned.
    5. Oh, how CUTE! Thanks for the pics!

    6. My Nami
      she was the first Tan girl to come from Roxy
      I cant reccomend them enough , absolutly stunning dolls

    7. Of course! Love to show off my lovely Lucy[​IMG]
      TinyBear's adorable Nami was who really made me fall for her.
    8. Here's my Lucy, Demoree

      With Pidgeon, my Joong
    9. Is notdoll the best place to buy her? I've been thinking about her.. how big is her head?
    10. Clochette: I love your Lucy's face! Did you do her face up? She looks so different from the others.

      tinybear: That rock n roll picture is so good! I love her Elvis impersonation!
    11. Oooooooooh! So darling and pretty! Thanks for the wonderful picture! Do you know if she is about the same size as Riley Kish?

    12. Cute, cute, cute! Thanks!

    13. So cute and sweet! Love her!

    14. Does anyone know what clothing will fit her, for instance does Riley Kish clothing fit? What size shoes and where to get them? Thanks!
    15. Clothes have been a problem. Some parts of the Bratz clothes fit-tops from Bratz Girls, some dresses, and some bottoms from Bratz babies. Ellery Kish clothes fit, (dresses and tops) but are way too short. I have heard Tiny Betsy clothes fit, but the ones I have are big. The good part is, shoes are easy--Tiny Betsy shoes fit perfectly.
    16. Thanks very much for the information! Someone told me she is 8" tall. Is that right or is she taller?

    17. Only Hearts Club outfits fit her well, and she can also wear Bratz/Bratz Kids clothing (she's wearing a Bratz outfit in the pic, Pidgeon is wearing Only Hearts). I really haven't had any trouble dressing her, she's pretty slim and fits into things meant for smaller girls.

      I got Demoree second-hand, but I think her makeup is standard...maybe it's her dark eyes that makes it look different?
    18. designsforher, she is about 17cm or 61/2 to 6 3/4 inches tall. And quite slender.
    19. Here is a picture of Lucy (in a very bad wig) with Riley, Tulah, and Avery Kish dolls for size comparison:

      and here she is with some other tiny BJDs: Limhwa ToYou, Soom Mini-Gem
      Aren, Roxydoll Becy, Pandora and Yam:

      and here she is in Bratz clothes: top is Bratz, skirt is Bratz kids and the boots are Only Hearts Club , wig by Tinybear (who else??):