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Does anyone have pics of actually dressing the DoA anniversary Abadon?

Dec 10, 2009

    1. In particular, I a having trouble with the leg armour and that's about where I stopped in dressing him. I feel rather dumb, not being able to get him together. Also, is his torso any more stable once he's fully dressed?

      Guess I should stick to more basic dolls! :blush
    2. Do you mean the leg armour for the thighs or the alternate lower legs? I think the thigh pieces opens into two halves, either that or you might need to take the lower legs off, then put the pants on, then slide the thigh-armour on and then put the lower legs back on? Not sure though as I am only in a split for some of the pieces and haven't actually seen them in person yet. Try asking in the Abadon waiting room if nobody has any better ideas here, or do a search in the Gallery and PM someone who has pics of the fully dressed doll;)
    3. So far I haven't been able to get his torso to stabilize. :\
    4. I don't have any pics of the process but have dressed and undressed him. I just slid his shorts on over the armoured lower legs (took a bit of patience, but it can be done), and the thigh armour goes in above his kneeguards - it snaps together easily and is held together by the magnets. Is any of that helpful? :sweat

      His torso is unstable for me, too. I've taken him apart and I'm going to see if I can stretch his elastics out before restringing him with the normal legs and arm. ^^; I'm assuming that will help him stop trying to curl up x_x;.
    5. I actually completely restrung him within only a couple hours of getting him, so his elastic wouldn't be so tight, because his default stringing was making the joints grind. But it didn't help the upper torso joint problem. It still moves whatever way it wants to. :|
    6. Would sueding help?
    7. I don't know if it's really possible. The way the joint is constructed, it's a fairly thin lip that rests on a series of...well, they're like little ridges. I think pliver or hot-glue sueding would just peel off within a very short period of time.
    8. Akai Okami has pics of dressing her LE Abadon: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=336767

      I got new elastic and restrung my boy tonight (and switched him into the non-armoured limbs), possibly too loosely, but yeah, the upper torso bit still wants to separate/slide. With the way he's built I'm not sure what would help. My boy now stands just fine but will only sit hunched forward x_x. At least he's not trying to go fetal on me all the time now though.
    9. OMG, I feel sooooo dumb! I was trying to put the thigh armour up too high on the thigh <<giggles>>. Ah well, live and learn. Thanks so much for the help. Guess trial and error will determine whether his upper torso ever sits right. He is gorgeous though, isn't he? :D
    10. Agreed ^_^. He's gorgeous and worth the effort to try to figure him out!